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Your Ultimate Guide To Our Collagen Products

It should come as no surprise that at Vital Proteins®, we take our love for collagen seriously. Especially when it comes to sharing that passion and educating others on it. So, today, we're doing just that.

From the basics (what is it?) to the nitty-gritty (is it keto-friendly?) we're proving you with an all-encompassing guide to your most pressing questions. So if you're ready to be in the know (and impress your friends while you do so) scroll on!

Collagen 101

Let’s start with the basics of collagen — what it is and why you should take it. Your 101 course starts with these two articles.

Taking Collagen 

Whether you sip, stir, bite or swallow, there are many ways to enjoy collagen. Get the scoop on the method that works for you by reading on.

Finding Your Collagen Fit

Good news: There’s a collagen product out there just for you. From workout needs to beauty sleep, click through to find your perfect option.

Working Out With Collagen

Ready to get your sweat on? Collagen has you covered. To understand benefits, what to take and more, scroll below.

Collagen And Your Lifestyle

If you’re adhering to a special diet (Whole30®? Keto?), you’re in good hands here. For collagen options that comply with your lifestyle, this is what you should know.

Delicious Ways To Enjoy Collagen

Grab your apron and your trusty sous chef, it's time to get cooking (with collagen, that is!). For yummy meals infused with the supplement, start here.