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6 Surprising (& Amazing) Ways Our Vital Fam Uses Collagen

While scooping, stirring & enjoying Vital Proteins®’ collection of collagen powders has always been our M.O., a few members of our Vital Fam love to think outside the (blue) tub. Ready to get creative? Keep reading for different, unexpected ways to use our collagen powders, courtesy of our collagen crew. 

1. Pour Hydration** + Collagen into Collagen Water™

We're all about upping our hydration game, so when our Senior Manager of Science and Material Qualification, Erick Walts, told us about his unique collagen routine, we knew we had to share it!

"I love the taste of Hydration** + Collagen in Lemon Lime ($9.99; shop now) and Lemon Slice Collagen Water™ ($12 for 4-pack; shop now), so I figured why not mix both!" Walts tells Lively. "I pour one stick pack into a bottle of Collagen Water™ and shake. The combination is a match made in heaven!"

2. Enjoy a Matcha Collagen Mocktail

The happiest hours start with matcha. Case in point: This Matcha Collagen Mocktail, which contains ginger, simple syrup, 1 scoop of Vital Proteins® Matcha Collagen ($49; shop now), one egg white, boiled water, lemon juice and honey. Cheers!

3. Stir Chocolate Protein into Coffee

While Vital fans enjoy adding 2 scoops of Vital Performance™ Chocolate Protein ($29.99; shop now) to water for an anytime shake, some Vital fans prefer increasing their protein intake by adding this chocolate protein powder to their daily cup of coffee. Rise and grind: decadence awaits!

4. Mix Hydration** + Collagen & Vital Proteins Vitality® Immune Booster**

When it comes to adding our hydration supercharger** to her daily routine, our in-house registered dietitian, Jenn Randazzo, MS, RD, CLT, is taking a unique approach — and inspiring us to do the same. "It's my new favorite combination!" she says, referring to her Hydration** + Collagen in Lemon Lime and Vital Proteins Vitality® Immune Booster** in Grape Citrus ($25; shop now) mixture. Just add both powders to water, top with ice and more cold water for a refreshing routine.

matcha mask

5. Make a Matcha Collagen Mask

Move over, matcha lattes. Our Vital Fam loves trying new things with our Matcha Collagen, like whipping up an at-home facial using the powdered supplement, honey and a little bit of water!* Self-care is vital, after all. 

*Using Matcha Collagen topically is a customer recommendation. Vital Proteins® recommends using our products as stated on their respected labels. 

6. Scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer® into Peppermint Tea

Looking to add subtle notes of vanilla to your cup of refreshing peppermint tea? It’s as easy as adding 1 scoop of our non-dairy Vanilla Collagen Creamer™ supplement ($29; shop now), which is best known as coffee's BFF.

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