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How to Get an Energy Boost without the Caffeine Crash

Many of us start off our mornings with some form of caffeine. Coffee lovers can top off their collagen levels with our Collagen Creamers (actually, you can mix our creamers into teas as well), but coffee isn’t your only all-natural caffeine option. In fact, matcha green tea devotees often tout matcha’s steady, calm energy, which they claim is devoid of the characteristic crash that follows coffee consumption.

With Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen, it’s definitely a question worth considering. Is it true? Can you really consume caffeine without getting some form of a caffeine crash? Here’s the theory behind why matcha has such a unique effect on energy levels, and why you might want to consider trying it.

Caffeine in Matcha Green Tea vs. Coffee

Right off the bat, tea in general does have less caffeine than coffee. While black drip coffee has approximately 95mg of caffeine per cup, matcha has around 60, depending on its potency. So it definitely has a kick — but it’s a little be less strong than the kick you’ll get from a cup of joe.

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L-theanine in Matcha

That said, the real difference between a matcha buzz and a coffee buzz is that matcha contains L-theanine, a type of amino acid. L-theanine has been well-studied for its effects on cognition, with researchers finding that it provides a calm, steady alertness. While coffee often just makes you a little more hyped but also potentially scatterbrained, the L-theanine in matcha can actually make you more focused.

By combining this sense of focus with the moderate amounts of caffeine in matcha, you’re likely to achieve a pretty desirable boost in both energy and mental clarity.

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The Verdict

So, can you really get a caffeine boost without the energy crash? The research says: Probably! While we love a good cup of coffee, there’s nothing quite like matcha green tea for boosting calm energy in a way that coffee just doesn’t — not to mention providing a heaping dose of clarity and focus to sustain you throughout the day.