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by kayleigh lockhart

There is nothing better than sitting on the beach with a cold piña colada in your hand! But if your work week has kept you wrapped up or you live a little too far from the beach for a weekend getaway, you can still enjoy this Piña Colada Smoothie, a healthy take on a summer-favorite cocktail.

I’ve had many friends try this recipe who have said it tastes like the real thing, but instead of being made with added sugars or artificial syrups, this recipe is made with just 5 whole food ingredients. Plus, what resort, beach or bar is going to add a full serving of collagen into your piña colada?! 

Alcohol is completely optional. You can blend up the smoothie and portion out servings, then add in rum to the desired glasses. All in all, this is an easy-to-make, delicious drink that is sure to brighten your day!

pina colada smoothie

Piña Colada Smoothie

Yields 2 servings



  1. If you don’t already have pre-frozen overripe bananas in the freezer, use a regular banana and cut it up into small slices and freeze for 1-2 hours. This insures a thick smoothie. 
  2. Start by placing the liquids in the blender so the blades do not get stuck around the frozen fruit. 
  3. Add all of the ingredients together and combine in a high-power blender. Enjoy!

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