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5 Matcha Collagen Recipes For Every Part Of Your Day

There’s a really good chance you’ve at least heard or spotted matcha #mugshots on Instagram, even if you have yet to order a cup of matcha at your local café. The green beverage has been everywhere in recent years, and for good reason. As the favorite drink of many wellness enthusiasts, matcha is finely-ground powdered green tea leaves that contain good-for-you nutrients, like amino acid L-theanine, which promotes an “alert calm” in matcha drinkers. Say goodbye to that mid-day caffeine crash.

We’re such fans of the traditional Japanese drink that we put our own Vital Proteins spin on it and added collagen for a protein boost. Our Matcha Collagen promotes those same benefits we just mentioned, while also helping to promote strong hair, skin, nails and joints (thanks to the addition of our Collagen Peptides).

Get started on your matcha-loving journey by trying one (or all!) of these Matcha Collagen-infused recipes. Reap the health benefits while satisfying your cravings.

5 Matcha Collagen Recipes for Every Part of Your Day

In the Morning …

What better way to start off your A.M. than with a Matcha Collagen Latte. It’s so simple to make; just add a scoop of our Matcha Collagen and a scoop of our Collagen Creamer to a mug of hot water. Blend with a milk frother and enjoy!

After Your Workout …

Treat yourself to a Peach Matcha Smoothie! All you need is unsweetened almond milk, frozen peach slices, our Peach Matcha Collagen, our Coconut Collagen Creamer, half an avocado and honey.

5 Matcha Collagen Recipes for Every Part of Your Day

For an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up …

Beat the mid-day slump with these No-Bake Matcha Raw Bars. The best part? They contain zero added sugars.

5 Matcha Collagen Recipes for Every Part of Your Day

When You’re Craving Dessert …

Make these Matcha Mint Chip Macaroons! Our no-bake, dairy-free recipe yields 20 large macaroons (or 40 small macaroons) – enough for the next time you host a dinner party.

5 Matcha Collagen Recipes for Every Part of Your Day

When Happy Hour Hits …

Take a healthy approach and make this Matcha Collagen Mocktail! It calls for ginger simple syrup, one scoop of our Matcha Collagen, one egg white, boiled water, lemon juice and honey.

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