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Add Self Care To Your Mornings With These 3 Collagen Beauty Smoothies

by grace gavilanes - April 28, 2020

The easiest breakfast also happens to be among the most delicious early-morning staples. That’s right – we’re talking smoothie recipes. What sets smoothies apart from, say, a few pancake stacks is the amount of time it takes to make them. While Hearty Breakfast Bowls and Matcha Waffles may require a little more attention in the kitchen, the following smoothies are so easy to make, they can be whipped up and enjoyed in minutes. Plus, you'll support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints** while you sip. (How about that for a perfect way to kick-start your day?)

Scroll on for the recipes — and don't forget to print out the how-to below to hang on your fridge.

How To Make Collagen Smoothies

These smoothie recipes call for five ingredients (!), including Vital Proteins® Collagen Beauty Glow. Unlike our Beauty Collagen, our Collagen Beauty Glow™ is sourced from wild-caught white fish, making it ideal for those following a Pescatarian-friendly diet. Available in three flavors – Strawberry Lemon, Lavender Lemon and Tropical Hibiscus – it also contains vitamin C, biotin, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics. And lucky for you, we dreamt up three different collagen smoothie recipes that use each flavor for ultimate an ultimate taste and beauty boost! 

Collagen Smoothie Recipes

collagen smoothie recipes

Lavender Lemon Smoothie Recipe



  1. Blend and enjoy!

collagen smoothie recipe

Strawberry Lemon Smoothie Recipe 



  1. Blend and enjoy!

tropical hibiscus collagen beauty glow

Tropical Hibiscus Smoothie Recipe 



  1. Blend and enjoy!

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