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How Yogi Jaz Porter Always Starts Her Day

By: Jaz Porter

Jaz Porter is a yoga instructor and retreat leader. Here, she writes about her morning routine.

I’m sure we’ve all been accused of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Underneath the sarcasm from our friends and co-workers, that saying really shows how susceptible we are to carry out negativity if our day gets off to a bad start. There are even neurological studies that show how impressionable we are during certain phases of sleep with alpha (waking up) being the most impressionable on the subconscious.

I started to take inventory and find ways to set a positive tone for my day. In the era of technology, most of us grab our phones to check texts, social media, and emails. This is how we start off in a state of reactivity. We forfeit the opportunity to choose what influences our day. Here are some things I’ve incorporated into my morning routine that you can add into yours! 

How Yogi Jaz Porter Always Starts Her Day

Find Your Tone

If an alarm clock is necessary in the morning, choose a tone that is less startling and disruptive. If you are a heavy sleeper, turn the volume up but choose a more soothing tone.   

Give Yourself Time

Allow yourself an extra 15-20 minutes on top of the normal time it takes you to get ready.  

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Be Thankful

Think five thoughts of gratitude before you roll over in bed. This gets you in the receptive mode for other positive thoughts throughout your day. Positive thoughts attract positive experiences. 

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Stay Hydrated

Hydrating your body and gently activating the real brain of your body (the digestive system) will get you off to a great start. Enjoy a cup of tea or water with Spirulina capsules for a nutritious combo.

Stay Silent

Sit quietly with your own thoughts. Enjoy silence. This may be the only time in the day you get to do that before bedtime comes around again. 

Stretch It Out

Even if only for 3-5 minutes, include movement. Do a few yoga poses and stretches to get connected with your body and prepare it for the day. 

Remember that anything is better than nothing. You can add and subtract things from this morning routine every day. I find that I am less likely to be consistent when I put pressure on myself to repeat the same routine over and over again. It’s not an “all or nothing” approach. It’s an “every little bit counts” mindset! What’s important is that you did something for yourself, and that YOU decided how your day will go. The world can wait.