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These Midday Habits Will Totally Turn Your Day Around

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I first started meditating during my yoga teacher training. On the weekends, I’d be a blissful yoga teacher in training. On the weekdays, I’d be a frantic marketing manager with no zen. That is, until I started what I like to call a midday pause that consisted of acai, fresh fruit, Vital Proteins® Collagen Peptides and granola.

The Power of Pause

When we take the time to pause in the middle of the day, we hit a reset button that allows our mind to slow down and the body to catch up to the constant multi-tasking and information we process on a daily basis. The simple act of mindful meditation reduces stress and anxiety, refreshes the brain, and puts us in a position to respond to life's daily stressors rather than react to them.

An Easy Form of Meditation

If you’ve never meditated before, the best place to start is through mindfulness. We can incorporate mindfulness into everything we do – walking the dog, washing the dishes, working out – and my favorite, eating! 

Yes, eating can be a form of mindful meditation and is accessible to anyone craving a midday pause. Follow the simple steps below to start enhancing your day through the food you eat.

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Set an Intention

As you sit down to eat, infuse your meal with the intention of nourishing you. Express gratitude and thank all the food on your plate for providing you with all the nutrients you need.

Don't Multitask

Your pause is a time to focus completely on one thing – your plate! Start the habit of leaving all your tech away from the table and shift your awareness to eating and enjoying your meal. By staying present and undistracted while we eat, we strengthen our ability to focus which enhances our work and our relationships.

Eat Slowly

Eating should be enjoyed bite by bite! Rather than eating quickly to get back to work, eat slowly and savor every bite. Taste every flavor and notice all the different textures on your plate.

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Make it Colorful

There is nothing better than seeing a plate filled with different colors. Mindful eating is a multi-sensory experience and we all know the saying: You eat with your eyes. Notice how your plate of food looks and the feeling it evokes within you. Is your smoothie bowl double-tap-worthy on Instagram? Does it make you happy? Have fun creating art with your food and allow your meal to inspire you. 

P.S. Feeling uninspired in the kitchen? My go-to smoothie bowl with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides can be prepped in under five minutes. Simply blend a smoothie or use acai sorbet as the base and add your favorite fruits, coconut flakes, and granola on top!

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