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Find Your "Om" with This 10-Minute Presence Meditation

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Whether you're new to meditating, or you're an expert who's tried all forms, there's nothing like the practice of mindfulness to get you through a stressful period. Considering we're in one of these right now (hello, social distancing!), there's no better time to incorporate a new meditation into rotation.

Just take this 10-minute one, put together by our friends over at @livebetterco. Regardless of your skill level, the goal is simple: Focus on slowing down your breath to be fully present where you are.

So grab a yoga mat or cushion, a Collagen Water™ and set a timer for 10 minutes — it's time to get started!

10-Minute Presence Meditation

Step 1:

Start by finding a comfortable seat, and close your eyes if desired.

Step 2:

Take three rounds of breath, focusing on inhaling through your nose for a count of 4, then exhaling through your mouth for a count of 4. 

Step 3:

For one minute each, focus on each "sense" as you continue to breathe deeply. What do you feel? See? Hear? Smell? Taste? (Five senses are touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste). 

Step 4:

Spend the remainder of the timer taking deep breaths, focusing on all senses at once; this is presence.

Step 5:

End by saying "thank you" for spending some time on you. Don't forget to smile!

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