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Introducing: Vital Proteins Professional

Have you ever bought supplements based on the latest nutrition news flash or on an Instagram post of somebody having amazing results without ever actually understanding the science (or lack thereof) behind the product? You’re not alone. Enter: Vital Proteins® Professional. This line of three products is centered around clinically studied bioactive collagen peptides to offer specific targeted benefits. And, it was developed with a team of leading nutrition experts. You can meet our Medical Advisory Board here.

The Vital Proteins® Professional line contains Bioactive Collagen Complex Daily Foundational Support**Bioactive Collagen Complex Bone And Joint Support**, and Bioactive Collagen Complex Skin Hydration & Antioxidant Support.** 

Each product is made with research-backed ingredients in efficacious amounts. The entire portfolio is available in flavorless and odorless powders, and can easily be incorporated as a foundational component of your wellness regimen. If you’re not familiar with bioactive collagen peptides, essentially they work in a “lock and key” function, enabling specific tissues to make more of their own collagen.**

What’s really exciting about the Bone and Joint Support** supplement is that exact peptide types and amounts that were used in clinical studies that investigated their impact on joint support and the increase of bone density. Besides having the bioactive collagen peptides, it has other functional ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D3 and vitamin K

Looking for a product formulated just for your skin? Try Skin Hydration & Antioxidant Support.** It’s made with bioactive collagen peptides specifically formulated to target skin cells, in addition to a whole slew of other amazing skin-supporting functional ingredients.** Besides collagen peptides, it has hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and three ingredients that have been clinically studied and found to help ward off environmental threats to skin.** 

One of these is a research-backedpatented melon extract called HOLIMEL™ that is rich in antioxidants that bolster our skin’s resistance to environmental stress.** Then, there’s an extract from unique tomatoes called LYCOBEADS®. It’s also rich in antioxidants—especially one known as lycopene.  Like HOLIMEL™, LYCOBEADS® aids our skin’s natural resilience to external stressors.** Also included in the formulation is a probiotic—Lactobaccilus johnsonii, LA1.  The probiotic (and both of the plant extracts) were each studied separately in people exposed to UV light. Theresearch found that people that took any of these three things, HOLIMEL®, LYCOBEADS®, or Lactobaccilus johnsonii, LA1, were able to tolerate more UV light before their skin started to redden.**

(Just remember, taking the product doesn’t take the place of regular sun protection, such as hats and sunscreen.)

Vital Proteins® Professional also offers an “all-around” professional collagen product too, called Daily Foundational Support, that contains the clinically proven skin, bone and joint bioactive collagen types.** You can check out the full line here. 

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