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Iskra Lawrence On Embracing Motherhood and Championing Body Confidence

Have you heard? Vital Proteins® launched their new Every Moment is Vital global brand campaign on May 9. Each story touches upon various aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and social health, highlighting that every individual's path to wellness follows a different route. The campaign features personal archival footage, photography, and films of each influencer sharing what’s vital to them within their individual wellness journeys. 

Lively caught up with entrepreneur, new mom and body-confident content creator and spokeswoman Iskra Lawrence to give you a behind-the-scenes look at her wellness journey—and what makes her Vital. Read on for more!

Lively: What inspires you to create body-confident content?

Iskra Lawrence: I want people to feel comfortable embracing their bodies as they change throughout our lives. As a new mom whose own body has gone through many changes, I want to normalize that our bodies evolve as we grow and to be a leader in the women’s body confidence movement.

L: What is your favorite Vital Proteins® product?

IL: I love the Vital Proteins® Marine Collagen and the Women’s Multi Gummies. I also love cooking with my toddler and incorporating Vital Proteins® ingredients. Check out my recipe for no-bake collagen cookies here!

L: What Is Your Wellness Mantra?

IL: It is essential to reconnect with how you nourish your body. It’s what helps you conquer everything on your to-do list with energy, strength and purpose. The secret to feeling your best starts with feeding your wellness, your way.

L: What self-care tip do you want to share with the world?

IL: Always take time for yourself! Every day, I try and take at least 30 minutes of time for just myself. This could mean running a warm bath, doing a quick mat workout, or taking a quick walk outside. Since I run my own business and am always running after my toddler, I’ve learned it’s important to prioritize my wellness and take time just for me when I can! 

L: What makes you Vital?

IL: The love and passion I have for encouraging others to be confident and prioritize their mental health.

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