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Everything You Need to Make Your Space Totally Zen

When you walk into a spa or a yoga studio, what do you picture? Soft lighting, gentle music or nature sounds, the aroma of lavender – you can’t help but feel relaxed. Now, imagine taking that same ambiance and bringing it home with you. Creating your own sense of calm at home in a space dedicated to you can be quite easy.

In fact, you’re only a few steps away from finally winding down in your own zen corner. All you need to do is consider these items and styling tweaks. 

How to Create Your Own Zen Corner That Promotes Mental Health

Think About Location 

Choose a special area in your home you can dedicate as just yours. Whether it be a corner or a whole room, ideally this space will be somewhere you can escape to from the stresses in your life. Is there a spot where you usually like to sit and read? Do you have a favorite place in your house to stretch or practice yoga? Keep these in mind when selecting a location. You will want to put it somewhere you are inclined to visit. If you live with others, choosing your bedroom might be a good space for guaranteed silence and privacy.

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Create an Altar

An altar is an important piece in creating your zen corner because you choose elements that make it a sacred space for you. This can include items that are personal and can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Just like how we set intentions to live our lives more purposely, an altar is something you physically create to live life more purposely as well. This can serve as a physical reminder of your goals and intentions – a reminder of what is most important to you and, most importantly, a reminder to check in with yourself.

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Elements to consider incorporating:

How to Create the Ultimate Zen Corner in Your Home

Light It Up

Soft lighting like candles or a Himalayan salt lamp would make a great addition to your zen corner. Palo santo and sage have great energy-clearing properties that you can use to get into the right head space before journaling or meditating. For calming aromatherapy, light incense or diffuse lavender scented essential oils. 

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Cozy Seating

Being comfortable is important when it comes to spending time in your space. Consider a cushion, oversized pillows, a blanket, or a thick yoga mat as seating options.

Keep It Clean

Cluttered environments may lead to higher levels of stress – which would be the opposite of what your zen space would represent. It would be important to keep this space clean and not cluttered. While you can make this space as elaborate as you choose, a minimalist approach would be an ideal way to avoid clutter.

Your zen corner can be a space where you spend time quietly reconnecting with your thoughts, where you set your intentions, or focus on doing inner work. Utilize this space as a haven to find calmness in the chaos and make it a point to reconnect with yourself often. Your mental wellbeing will benefit from it and your higher self will thank you for it.