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How to Destress During the Holidays: 3 Bloggers Share Their Secrets

This month never fails in bringing joy, cheer and endless desserts our way. But with all that holiday cheer comes the stress of planning a picture-perfect party and making sure you got gifts for everyone on your nice list. It’s exhausting. Just ask these three lifestyle bloggers, who shared their hacks for surviving a stressful holiday season.

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We guarantee you’ll feel a little less tense and a lot more relaxed after reading these ladies’ holiday stress tips.

how to destress during the holidays

Focus on What’s Important: Gabriela Volquartz, @liptsickandwellness

“I love the holidays, but I know it can be a stressful time for most people. I mean, there’s food to think about, and then more food, and then you try not to worry about all the food you ate! It can be really stressful – not to mention all the parties you might have to attend. And then finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. But I actually don’t let that stress get to me.

“I know it sounds easier said than done but it really works! I try to focus on what’s really important and try not to stress out about things that I might not have control over. I look at the positive side, which is the great time that I’ll be having with my family during the holidays. And that’s really what the holidays are about for me anyway.”

how to destress during the holidays

Make Your Room Zen: Natalie Kelley, @plentyandwellwithnat

“After a long day, I love making a cup of tea (I’ve been loving ginger lately!), having a healthy sweet treat or just taking a bite of 100% dark chocolate. I put on sweats, sit with a good book in my room and turn on my essential oil diffuser on. I’m big on calm environments, so I always make my room really zen, especially after particularly long or stressful days.”

how to destress during the holidays

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself: Mindy Thompson, @amixofmin

“The holidays can definitely be stressful. Throughout this time of year, prioritizing self-care is important. For myself, self-care involves working out via my Peloton, getting to bed at a decent hour no matter how long my to-do list is, and having at-home spa nights in my own bath tub. Without these, I get run down and super stressed!”

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