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Blogger Hannah Brencher on How 'Caring Too Much' Led to Her Dream Gig

We're delighted to have the inspiring Hannah Brencher with us today. In addition to being a Vital Proteins fan (!), she has gone viral across the web giving a voice to the lonely, neglected and disheartened through her posts. Read on to learn more about her, and get a dose of inspiration for yourself! 

Lively's interview with TED Talk speaker, blogger and @moreloveletters founder, Hannah Brencher

Lively: To kick things off, Hannah, tell us about who you are and what you do.

Hannah Brencher: My name is Hannah Brencher, and I am a writer living in Atlanta with my husband, Lane, and rescue pup, Tuesday. We are about to have our first baby and cannot wait for her to make her entrance into the world in a few short weeks. It's always so hard for me to explain fully what I do. I have so many passions and beautiful projects that I get to back. I am the founder of the organization More Love Letters. I've written three books (the third is coming out next year!), and I teach others how to create more discipline in their lives so they can pursue writing and other life changes that matter to them! I would say the core to everything I do is words. I love writing and I am lucky it is the center of my career.

L: As the creator behind @moreloveletters, you inspire the defeated and brokenhearted. How did you find this passion for helping others?

HB: I would say it has always been there but something needed to come along to ignite it. I've always "cared too much" and wanted to help others. For years, I bullied myself for being different or for wanting to make a difference. If I could, I'd go back to that young girl who cared so much and tell her that none of it was an accident. It would all serve a big, giant purpose one day.

L: You're also an author of two books, a TED Speaker, and an educator for writing. Tell us more about how you found yourself with this exciting line-up of projects!

HB: If there is writing involved, then I put my whole heart into it. I cannot believe I had the chance to give a TED Talk — that was a huge catalyst for what I am doing now. But yeah, I would say I feel the most at home with myself when I am writing and so that is why I work so hard to produce books and help others pursue that same feeling. I can't exactly pinpoint how all of this came to fruition but I think I came into this career being willing to work really hard, say yes to opportunities that scared me and believe that these crazy dreams of mine could come true. 

L: You mentioned you moved to NYC to pursue a dream job, and the experience didn't turn out to be everything you expected. What would you say to others going through a similar experience?

HB: I would say that nothing is ever going to look perfect or how you thought it would look but that shouldn't stop you. Move forward anyway. Every step I've taken has been so fruitful and has taught me so much. It's okay to be in a space where you feel a little lost or confused. Just keep moving. Just keep saying yes. One day, you will be out of this and you will look back and things will make sense. Maybe not all of it but definitely some of it. This stuff you are going through is a part of your becoming. It is setting you up for what is next.

L: We're feeling inspired already! Tell us about what a typical day looks like for you. What motivates you through long hours or long days?

HB: I work a pretty 8-hour day but I have the flexibility of picking those hours and when they happen. I love being up early and getting a head start on the day! In the middle of the day, I'll take a break from work to get a sweat session in or take the dog for a long walk! I break up my day into two parts: The mornings are for creation and writing and the afternoons are for projects I am working on or nitty-gritty tasks I need to get done! I love the work I do so that really pushes me through the long hours. But I love fueling my day with coffee and watching cheesy reality romance shows when I doing those nitty-gritty tasks that don't require me to be in full-focus mode. 

L: You have anything in the pipeline you're excited about?

HB: I am excited for my third book to come out next year but that's a little far away! So, for now, I am excited about life with a little one. It's an adventure I've never experienced before but I am up for the new challenge!

L: Lastly, we couldn't let you go without a collagen question. What Vital Proteins product are you loving right now?

HB: I love the Vital Performance™ PRE in passion fruit! I am always up for all the energy to power through a workout! 

To follow along with Hannah, follow her on Instagram at @hannahbrencher or @moreloveletters.