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Why Fitness Instructor & Entrepreneur Chase Tucker Focuses On Mindfulness

Have you heard? Vital Proteins launched their new Every Moment is Vital global brand campaign on May 9. Each story touches upon various aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and social health, highlighting that every individual's path to wellness follows a different route. The campaign features personal archival footage, photography, and films of each influencer sharing what’s vital to them within their individual wellness journeys.

Lively caught up with Chase Tucker, fitness instructor, coach and entrepreneur, to give you a behind-the-scenes look at his wellness journey—and what makes him Vital. Read on for more!

Lively: What inspired your love of fitness?

Chase Tucker: I have long been connected to the fitness world. I grew up in a household of athletes in Chicago and went on to major in kinesiology (the study of human movement and how it affects our health and wellness) in college. From there, I worked in physical therapy. Eventually, I found my true calling helping others improve their lives by working as a personal trainer, bootcamp instructor, and lifestyle coach.

L: How do you define personal wellness?

CT: As much I believe your physical health matters, I also think it’s very important to be mindful and stay present. I do this by saying “no” to distractions in order to focus on what matters most. Everyone should celebrate where they are at this very moment – literally and figuratively.


L: What are your favorite Vital Proteins® Products?

CT: I love the Vital Proteins® Chocolate Collagen Peptides and the Vital Performance Performance™ Protein Bars! One two-ingredient treat that I love is to combine Greek yogurt and Vital Performance™ Chocolate Protein—it’s even better if the Greek yogurt is slightly frozen.

L: What Is Your Go-To Wellness Mantra?

CT: Start your day off with gratitude and get your body moving!

L: What makes you Vital?

CT: The focus I have on not only my physical health, but my mental health and wellbeing as well!

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