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A Look Into Addison Rae’s Wellness Routine

Have you heard? Vital Proteins® launched their new Every Moment is Vital brand campaign on May 9. Actor and content creator, Addison Rae, who was named as a Global Brand Ambassador earlier this year, joins the campaign continuing her relationship with the brand. Rae has been a long-time user of Vital Proteins® Collagen Peptides, Matcha Collagen and, most recently, Wellness Gummies

Lively caught up with Addison to give you a behind-the-scenes look at her wellness journey—and what makes her Vital. Read on for more!

Lively: What inspires you?

Addison Rae: Connecting with those who always cheer you on and lift you up and creating feel-good, authentic connections.

L: What is your favorite Vital Proteins® Product?

AR: The Wellness Gummiesare part of my everyday routine. It’s so easy to incorporate them into my life and daily wellness rituals. I also use the Matcha Collagen in my matcha latte recipes all the time!

L: What is your self-care pro tip?

AR: I always make sure I go out of my way to connect with my friends throughout the day! Whether it’s meeting them for a walk at the end of the day or catching up over FaceTime, I always make time for the people I love!

L: What mantra keeps you going?

AR: For me, it’s all about taking inventory of life’s passions, letting go of what no longer serves me, and protecting my energy. 

L: What Makes You Vital?

AR: My mindset! Recently I’ve had to learn how to prioritize my mental health and overall wellbeing while accomplishing all my goals!

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