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10 Products That Are Single-Handedly Getting Me Through Winter

Winter is here. And if dry, cracked skin and layers-on-layers are any indication of what’s ahead, you’re going to want to have an arsenal of products to stay prepared.

Take these 10 items as a good starting point. From beauty products to accessories, they are must-haves when it comes to colder temperatures.

So unless you are one of those lucky individuals who never has to deal with the change of seasons (can we visit you?), scroll on for these coveted solutions to get you through winter.

1. Primally Pure Jasmine Body Oil ($52)

If there’s one thing our body needs this time of year, it’s hydration. And rather than lathering up (and re-lathering up) with generic body lotion, we *love* reaching for this delightful floral-scented oil that leaves skin feeling radiant and supple. The coconut, organ and apricot oils are the key to helping with absorption so your body stays hydrated 24/7 after application. 

2. Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug ($100)

Ember Heated Travel Mug

Buh-bye, cold coffee. Whether you have a morning commute or just a really cold office, this cup is the key to keeping your beverage warm. Simply select the desired temp on your smartphone and watch as it maintains the desired degree for up to 1.5 hours (even when you're not around).

3. Barefoot Dreams Beanie ($38)

The cult-favorite brand, known for its ultra-comfy sellout blanket, brings you this pom beanie. Like the throw, it's just as buttery soft and warm, but a *little* more practical when it comes to being on the go. Order it in one of two colors for an accessory you'll wonder how you ever got by without.

4. Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte™

Slip into a state of zen with our newest Vital Proteins product — Blueberry Collagen Latte™ Supplement. Infused with collagen and premium ingredients like melatonin, GABA and magnesium, it's the ultimate pre-bedtime treat to mix with warm, dairy-free milk before you drift off to sleep. Pair it with cozy jammies and a good book and even the harshest winter day doesn't stand a chance on you.

5. Garmin Forerunner® 45S ($200)

We love this one for motivating us to stay active during the winter months (let's be honest — it's tough!). Beyond the sleek style, this accessory monitors your heart rate, tracks miles/distance/pace and delivers text notifications to your wrist. Plus, you can even rely on the free interactive training plans for those days that *really* require a push to get movin'. It's genius!

6. Stalwart Heated Blanket ($20)

Looking for a quality heated blanket? Your search ends here. This affordable option heats up quickly and stays warm and cozy, making it the perfect addition to any couch, bed or even the backseat of your vehicle. (Our advice is to buy two!)

7. Ulla Hydration Reminder ($30)

Drinking enough water during the winter months is *essential*. But remembering to do so at the recommended amount can be hard. Enter this #genius product. Simply apply it to your bottle and it'll give you a blinking notification when you're behind on your sipping schedule. 

8. Orolay Women's Down Jacket ($140+) 

This trending Amazon jacket has all the makings of a perfect piece of outerwear. It's stylish, durable, affordable and it was featured on Oprah's Favorite Things list in 2019. Need we say more?

9. Intelex Warming Slippers ($27)

A heated pair of slippers may just be the best thing we've ever found. Pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and feel the specially treated grain and dried lavender flower interior warm you up. For days that call for shoveling and commuting, these are a must. 

10. Gray Malin 'The Beach' Candle ($49)

When you really need a warm-weather vacay, but don't have the PTO to take it, light this beach-y scent. The fruity-floral aroma, complete with a cheery Gray Malin wrap, will have you dreaming of sunny, sandy shores from the comfort of home.