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6 Fun Workouts To Ramp Up Your Routine As Winter Comes To An End

The birds are chirping and the weather is changing, which means the dreary days of winter are almost over. If you've spent the last few months surrounded by nothing but comfort foods and a sedentary lifestyle (who can blame you?!) take this as your cue kick things into gear.

For motivation, we're giving you 6 fun ideas to ease back into the swing of things. From park-friendly circuit routines to a 30-day challenge, take a look below for all the inspo you need. (Psst! While you're at it, grab our NEW Energy Collagen Shot™ to fuel the way!)

The Best Workouts To Get You Moving After Winter

6 Spring Workouts To Try

1. Join a Run Club

There's nothing like the camaraderie of teammates to get you moving! And for those who enjoy running, grabbing a buddy — or three! — can make the miles pass more easily. Luckily, many local gyms and studios (like Lululemon) offer scheduled group runs, right from their facilities. Or, for those of you local to Chicago, we at Vital Proteins offers our very own Run Club so you can jog alongside others from the Windy City wellness community, too.

2. Commit to a 30-Day Challenge

For those people who like to go ALL in, a fun, 30-day challenge can be a great way to stay active. Just take Lively's 30-Day Leg Challenge. According to trainer Shannon Flanagan, it's easily adaptable to your fitness level: "Most of these movements can be done with just your body weight, but for an extra challenge, add dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells," she says. Even better, it only requires about a 20-minute a day commitment, so your chances of sticking with it until the end are lookin' great.

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3. Squeeze In A Metabolism-Boosting Workout At The Park

Fan of morning workouts? Consider this quick metabolism-boosting routine that can be done from anywhere ... like your newly-in-bloom park! With 7 moves done on repeat in a circuit, you'll burn through 100 calories with every 10-minute session. And, better yet, you'll reap the perks of getting fresh air while you're at it. 

4. Hit The Trails With Some Cycling

Of course, there are days that call for some low-impact cardio. Swap your stationary bike for some good old-fashioned outdoor air by grabbing your bike and hitting the trails. This handy resource provides you with the best options available in your area, so you can make the most of every pedal.

5. Tackle a 10-Minute Workout From Anywhere

Whether you have spring break plans or other seasonal travels, take your exercise with you. This 10-minute workout requires next to no equipment and can easily be squeezed into the busiest of schedules for the best no-excuses approach. (Pro tip: Bring your Vital Proteins Collagen Water™ along so you can stay hydrated as you go!)

6. Try Patio Pilates!

The best kind of fitness is fitness that can be done outside. Soak in all that sunshine while you sweat through everything from hip bridges to roll-ups on your mat. With minimal movement and a whole 'lotta sculpting, it's the perfect portable routine that promises vitamin D and all the feel-good vibes. 

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