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Stay On Track With This Killer Total Body Workout

When it comes to working out, especially after a sedentary period (read: winter), it can be tough to feel motivated. So we enlisted trainer and Variant NYC founder, Mike Michalski, to put together an efficient total body routine to get you back on track for the season.

Just take it from him: "I put together this 20-minute metabolic blast — think burning lots of calories and keeping your metabolism in overdrive — that’s suitable for most fitness levels, that you can do anywhere, and that you can do anytime as well."

In terms of the circuits itself, Michalski gives us a quick overview. "It's comprised of two 4-set circuits. You’ll do the first circuit three times through, without rest," he tells Lively. "After a brief rest period (2-3 minutes), you’ll move on to the next circuit which you’ll also do three times through. The main thing you’ll notice is that the workout is reps-based, which is my preference. This ensures you’re not slacking in your workout and that you’ll hit your target numbers each time," he adds.

And there you have it! Now, without further ado, scroll on to get started.

Total Body Workout 

Workout Glossary


SPEED SKATERS (30 reps) 

Drive hard laterally into each rep, working to stabilize each time you plant your foot down. For more intensity, try to land and drive off of one leg at a time, without having to support yourself with either your opposite hand or foot on the floor. 

JUMP KICKS (20 reps)

Hold for 1-2 secs each time you execute a jump kick. Contract your abs hard throughout the entire set to get them firing and to help keep your balance. Try bringing your arms out away from your body to help with balance.

JUMP LUNGE (20 reps) 

Begin in a standing lunge position (you can keep your arms overhead for more of a challenge). Jump switch into each lunge. If you find difficulty with this, you can do a standing lunge without the jump switches (10 reps each side).

SIDE BURPEES (6 reps each side)

Squat down, and bring your hands to the floor directly under your chest and shoulders. From that position, jump out into a diagonal plank position. Jump back into the middle and jump up. To make things more difficult, try landing on one leg each time (alternating legs each rep).


ONE-LEGGED AIRPLANE (10 reps each leg)

Bring the arms out wide with each rep to help square the shoulders and maintain a proper spine angle. From a standing position, hinge at the hip as you support yourself on one leg and extend your opposite leg behind you. 

SQUAT JUMPS (15 reps)

Start each rep with your arms down at your sides.  Squat down and raise your arms simultaneously. The goal here is to drive as powerfully as you can into each jump.


Keep your elbows in and avoid flaring them out while performing your push-ups. In between each, you’ll do two plank touches (bringing your arm to your opposite shoulder). 

PLANK JACKS (30 reps)

Make sure to contract your abdominals to help maintain that level plank as you jump in and out with your feet. The bigger and more explosive your jumps are, the more difficult the exercise. 

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