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Working Out & Still Not Seeing Results? This Might Be Why

File this under fitness frustrations: Regularly working out and not seeing the muscle definition you were hoping for. The realization that those hours at the gym aren’t paying off the way you expected can negatively impact your energy and confidence. The best thing you can do to combat the lack in results? Switch things up the next time you hit the gym.

But first, keep reading to find out why your muscle gains have hit a standstill:

1. You’re Not Lifting Weights Every Week

Working out at the gym can sometimes feel like going to the mall. You walk around, go to the same places and end up choosing things you don’t really need. Instead of heading over to the treadmill or taking a spin class, incorporate strength training at least two to three times a week. Muscle supports a healthy metabolism and gives you the ability to work out harder in your other favorite workouts. Staying consistent will inevitably get you better results.

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2. You’re Skipping Breakfast

Having breakfast after a good night’s sleep is what’s going to help supercharge your energy and metabolism to build muscle and make workouts more productive. Eating a balanced diet of healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates builds muscle definition more quickly. When your blood sugar dips, so will your metabolism and muscle gains. So, eat up!

sleep benefits

3. You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Getting little sleep because you’re “so busy” isn’t a badge of honor. It just says you’re exhausted and overcommitted. Sleep gives your body the time it needs to regenerate muscle and brain tissue. Without quality sleep, your recovery process may stall. Give your body and mind the time it needs to rebuild. Try our new Sleep Collagen Shot to better help you clock in those zzzz’s.

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4. It’s Time to Change Up Your Workouts

If you start feeling comfortable with your strength training, it’s a sign that it’s time to upgrade. Try upping the amount of weight you’re lifting, the number of reps, or the frequency and duration. Be sure to measure your results to keep an eye on progress. Keep your muscles guessing. They’ll appreciate the challenge.

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