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What's In Trainer Mike Michalski's Gym Bag?

Mike Michalski is a certified personal trainer and owner of Variant Fit. Here, he writes about his workout essentials.

My gym routine varies with my schedule and what in particular I might be focusing on. But every one of my workouts involves lots of resistance work, even on my conditioning days. I’m a believer in identifying your weaknesses and making them your strengths. So, if I see that I have an area of my fitness that’s lagging behind or could improve, I’ll make sure to make that a priority. As both a trainer and parent of two young children, I find it incredibly important to set the best example possible for my clients and my kids by showcasing the benefits of hard work and consistency, as well as how positively impactful fitness can be physically, emotionally and psychologically. 

When it comes to clocking in a good workout, there are a handful of gym bag essentials I always bring with me. Here they are in no particular order. 

Trainer Mike Michalski's Workout Essentials

What's in Trainer Mike Michalski's Gym Bag?

Hyperice Hypersphere: I feel like this literally goes everywhere with me! I couldn’t imagine not having this during my pre-workout priming and mobility sequence.

Vital Proteins Recovery Wave: My new favorite product is also my new post-workout go-to – and I love it! It gives me everything I’m looking for: 20g of collagen, BCAAs, essential amino acids and electrolytes.

Manduka Equa Towel: This towel does the job, whether I’m in need of soaking up sweat or need to cool off on a hot day.

Lululemon Headband: I may feel like a tennis player with this, but it really does an amazing job at keeping the sweat from pouring into my eyes during a tough workout session.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: It’s always great to have the Stick Packs on hand! I love adding the collagen powder to my afternoon cold brew.

Water Bottle: I’m always staying hydrated! If I need a little flavor boost, I’ll reach for a Collagen Water™, which comes in six different flavors: Lemon Slice, Lemon Ginger, Blueberry Mint, Strawberry Lemon, Blackberry Hibiscus and Peach White Tea.

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