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A Fall Workout Routine You Can Do At The Pumpkin Patch

Autumn is the best time to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s sunny, misty, raining or snowing, there is a richness to the world I don’t want to miss out on by staying indoors. Growing up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, I would “take it to the farm” when completing a fall workout routine. I still enjoy exercising outdoors during the fall.

When the fall weather reaches its peak and pumpkin, apples and squash seem to be everywhere, it’s time to take your workout outside to truly enjoy the outdoors. You can fit movement into your everyday, biking to work, taking the stairs and parking farther away. Staying active can also serve as the focus of your weekend as a long hike or visit to the pumpkin patch.

Whether you have kids or not, look up a local pumpkin farm or apple orchard to grab yourself a locally grown pumpkin and bushel of apples. You’ll have no excuse but to use your findings in this pumpkin patch inspired fall workout. Grab your Collagen Water™ and get started!

A Fall Workout Routine You Can Do at the Pumpkin Patch

Your Fall Workout Routine

Spice up the fun and use the recommended fall staples. Not feeling it? That’s okay! Head to your at-home studio or local gym to use exercise equipment to complete this fall workout routine. If that’s the case, swap “hay bale” for a bench. 

Circuit 1

1st Set = 60 Seconds

2nd Set = 45 Seconds

3rd Set = 30 seconds 

  • Pumpkin Squat to Shoulder Press (25-50 lbs.)
  • Pumpkin Front Squats (25-50 lbs.)
  • Bench Step-Ups w/ Twist (left leg)
  • Bench Step-Ups w/ Twist (right leg) 

Circuit 2

45 Seconds ON

10-15 Second Transition/Rest

  • Bench Explosive Push-Ups
  • Bench Cross Body Mountain Climbers
  • Bench Triceps Dips
  • Bench Russian Twists

Circuit 3

45 Seconds ON

10-15 Second Transition/Rest

  • Seal Jacks with Apples
  • Lateral to Front Raise w/ Apples or Pumpkins (5-10 lbs.)
  • Superman with Apples
  • Pumpkin Burpee

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