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Love Sweat Fitness Founder Katie Dunlop's Summer Shape Up Workout

Love Sweat Fitness was created by certified personal trainer Katie Dunlop with the purpose of helping women reach their fitness goals, no matter how “lofty” they may seem. Dunlop, whose own 45-lb. weight loss awakened her passion for fitness training and coaching, has built a community comprised of over 700K active members, 500K+ YouTube subscribers, as well as an Instagram following that boasts 360K fans (and growing).

As Dunlop continues to encourage others to look and feel stronger with her LSF Method – a Summer Shape Up workout that’s made up of three strength and conditioning moves and one cardio/plyometric-based exercise – she’s also bringing her popular exercise to a live FREE event at The Grove in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 28.

Partnering up with Vital Proteins, Dunlop will instruct a group of lucky attendees through her Summer Shape Up workout class, which she says will challenge the body to increase fat burn, build lean muscle and improve endurance.

Lively got a sneak peek of Dunlop’s workout for those not able to make her live event at The Grove. But before you start conquering your workout at home, reach for Vital Proteins Collagen Water™ to up your hydration game – the fitness guru always does!

“Strawberry Lemon is my favorite!” Dunlop tells Lively of her must-have Collagen Water flavor, adding: “It's the first flavored water I've ever tried that tastes like the real deal. It's my summer go-to after a workout!”

Ready, set, sweat! 

Love Sweat Fitness Founder Katie Dunlop Shares Her Summer Shape Up Workout 

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Forearm Plank

Incredible full-body warm-up and great for core strengthening.

  • Start on your hands and knees, palms stacked directly under shoulders
  • Keep your upper body strong and still, step your feet back so your body forms a straight line
  • Lower onto your forearms stacking elbows under shoulders and draw your heels back and engage your core
  • Hold for 30 – 60 seconds 

Hip Dips

Amazing for strengthening and toning your obliques.

  • Start in a forearm plank position, elbows stacked directly under shoulders, forearms pressed into the mat
  • Keep your core engaged, and shift to dip your hips down, lowering them toward the mat
  • Come back to center, then move to the left side
  • Continue alternating right to left 

Reverse Lunge Knee Raise

Great to help lift and tone your booty and lower abs, plus improves balance and core stabilization.

  • Stand up straight, gaze forward, chest lifted, and core engaged
  • Step one leg back, lower your hips, and the front leg to a 90-degree angle, keeping your front knee stacked over the ankle
  • Push through front heel to stand, bringing the back leg forward and raise the knee up in front of you
  • Repeat by stepping same leg back, then switch sides

Bicep Curls

Two major muscles we use every single day for lifting and moving things. Create definition the front of your arms

  • Stand with feet hip width apart, one weight in each hand, palms facing away from your body
  • Keep elbows at your sides
  • Squeeze your biceps to raise weights to shoulders
  • Lower back down
  • Repeat

the grove collagen water events

Tricep Extensions

Amazing to help tone the backs of your arms / "Bat Wings." 

  • Bring two weights together in your hands and hold them overhead, keeping your elbows close to the top of your head
  • Lower weights behind your head, bending your elbows until they are at 90 degrees
  • Squeeze triceps to press weights back toward sky
  • Lower weights back down to 90 degrees
  • Repeat 

Army Crawlers

Builds overall strength in upper body and improves definition without bulking. 

  • Start in a plank position
  • Lower down to your right forearm, then left
  • Push through your right hand, then your left, to return to full plank position
  • Repeat, starting on opposite side

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Sumo Squats

Great for lower body strength with emphasis on outer thighs and booty rather than heavily relying on quads as in traditional squats.

  • Start with feet wider than hip distance, your heels facing in and toes pointed slightly out
  • Keep your body weight in your heels, chest lifted and core tight
  • Sit your hips back and down as you lower into a “seated” position, bringing your hips down in line with your knees
  • Push through your heels and squeeze glutes to come back to standing
  • Repeat

Donkey Kicks

Lifts and tones the booty. Helps create overall shape and definition with focus on the glutes rather than quads.

  • Start on your hands and knees, shoulders stacked over wrists, hips over knees (like a table)
  • Flex your right foot to engage hamstrings
  •     Lift your heel toward the sky pressing it back and up while you squeeze your glutes
  •    Then return to hover at starting position
  • Repeat then switch sides


Major challenge for your rectus abdominis (think: six-pack abs) as well as your obliques to help define your waistline with added challenge of isolating one side at a time. 

  • Lay on your back, bring your left hand gently behind your head, and your elbow out wide
  • Bend your right knee to a 90-degree angle and your right hand onto the thigh. Find resistance and press into the thigh with the hand. Feel the core engage. 
  • Lift your left shoulder off the mat
  • Extend your left leg out long to hover or keep it resting straight on the flower as you twist left elbow to right
  • Lower the shoulder down and exhale to lift and repeat. 

Bicycle Crunches

Amazing your rectus abdominis (think six-pack abs) as well as your obliques to help define your waistline with added cardio challenge moving side to side. 

  • Lay on your back, bring your hands gently behind your head, and your elbows out wide
  • Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle and engage your core
  • Lift your shoulders off the mat
  • Extend your left leg out long to hover as you twist right elbow to left knee
  • Switch sides and continue alternating right to left 

Burpee with Lazy Push-Up

The ultimate burn-out challenge! Everyone loves to hate on the burpee, but it's one of the most incredible moves to work every inch of your body and makes it the perfect finisher to your workout.

  • Stand up straight, hands at side
  • Bring your hands down to the ground, shoulder distance apart, as if you are going into a plank
  • Hop feet back to land in a full plank position
  • Keep your core tight and lower all the way to the ground to release into push-up
  • Press through palms to come back to starting plank position
  • Hop feet forward toward hands
  • Explode up into a jump and land gently in a squat position
  • Repeat, moving as quickly as possible

Photos: @lovesweatfitness/Instagram