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Here's What Jennifer Aniston Does To Feel Strong

Want Jennifer Aniston’s body? Can't say we blame ya! The award-winning actress and Vital Proteins® superfan looks stronger and happier than ever – and we all want in on her secret! 

Lucky for Lively readers, we combed through the star’s interviews and found 5 of her must-follow wellness tips. Oh, and before you start your sweat session, don’t forget to scoop up the actor's go-to collagen powder (spoiler: She's a Collagen Peptides devotee!) to complement your routine.

Strong Like Jen: How To Get Jennifer Aniston's Body

1. Remember: Heavy Weights Aren't Always Needed

“Lifting your own body weight [is key]. When I’m at the gym, there are the ropes. Grab little 5-lb. weights if you have nothing else and just move them around.”

jennifer aniston body

2. Choose Workouts That Keep Your Brain Active

“[Boxing is] the longest workout I’ve actually stayed with consistently other than yoga. There’s something about the mental aspect of boxing — the drills, your brain has to work, you’re not just sitting on a bike. It’s amazing.”

3. Listen To Your Body

“You know what, there are days I go ‘I can’t’ and ‘I don’t want to,’ and I think you just have to listen to your body. So sometimes you just don’t work out. And then there are times when you go, ‘Really? Do you really not want to?’ And then if you just say, ‘OK, I’m going to get on some machine for 10 minutes,’ you just start to get the endorphins going. Then you feel great, and you just keep going. So sometimes you can actually override the ‘I don’t want to work out.’”

4. Incorporate Interval Training

"I still love yoga and cardio, but these days it's been interval training. I think muscle confusion and switching it up is important.”

5. When In Doubt, Hop On The Elliptical

“I do 45 minutes of intervals on my elliptical. I raise the incline, run for two minutes, walk for one, run for two…and I do it for 20 minutes straight until I’m just drenched.”

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