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How To Tell If You Had A Good Workout

If you complete all your reps like a rock star, that must mean your totally acing your workouts, right? Not exactly.

The key to any successful fitness program is consistency. But even when you’re hitting the gym on the regular, how do you know if your workouts are actually working? 

How to Tell If You Had a Good Workout

How to Tell If You Had a Good Workout

Check Heart Rate

Your heart rate elevates when you exercise but there’s more to it. If you don’t know your target heart, you may not be working as hard as you could. Target heart rate should be 50-70% of your maximum heart rate for moderate intensity and 70-85% for vigorous intensity. To determine your target heart rate for each intensity, subtract 220 from your age and multiply that number by .50 to .85. 

Know Your Strength

Do you know how much weight you lift for strength sessions? Start charting the amount of weight you lift and the approximate number of repetitions. It should be difficult to finish the last few reps of each set. If you can lift the total amount of reps – whether that’s 8, 12 or 15 (or maybe even more), it’s time to go up in weight.  

Do a Clothes Check

This might seem like an obvious one – particularly if you’re trying to lose weight. But if your body physically feels uncomfortable in clothes, it may be time for a change. In addition to looking more closely at your diet, try revamping the type of workouts you do as well as the intensity. Trying a new workout could make all the difference. 

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Injuries Matter

Every body isn’t made to do every workout. People with previous injuries, chronic health conditions or distinct postural misalignment, may increase the likelihood of injury by doing the wrong workouts**. Continuing on this path can slow down or even stop goal progression.

Note Big Changes

When your workout consistency is stellar, a good rule of thumb is that if you don’t notice your body changing in some positive way every 4 to 6 weeks, it’s time to mix things up. Noticeable changes can be that you’re able walk up stairs without breathing heavily, lifting luggage into the overhead compartment more easily or simply having more energy to do everyday things.

Be on a continual investigation of what workouts benefit you most and how to best monitor your efforts. Staying proactive and more aware will keep those workouts working for you.