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5 Trainer-Approved Exercises That Will Pump Up Your Winter Workout

Erin Oprea is a Vital Proteins ambassador, author ofThe 4x4 Diet and celebrity trainer whose star clients include Carrie Underwood and Maren Morris. Here, she shares her winter workout routine.

Winter is here – but the cold weather shouldn’t be an excuse to halt your workout routine. In case you are lacking motivation to hit the gym though, these stunningly simple, yet amazingly effective workouts are here to help you find your groove this season!

Not every workout listed below needs to be done with heavy weights or done for a really long time. I’ve compiled some of these great workouts (that feel like you're playing a mini game) to get that incredible burn without even realizing it. Put on some upbeat tunes (like my favorite: Nelly radio) and bust these sets out. Bonus not-so-sneaky burn: Do all these with as little rest as possible between each rep and each exercise. That way you have extra time to have a dance party in the gym to celebrate your strength. Ready, set, sweat!

erin oprea winter workout moves

Jump Squat

Exercise 1: Jump Squats 

Modification: If you can’t jump, just do squats.

  • Do 10 Jump Squats
  • Hold a Low Squat for 10 Seconds
  • Do 9 Jump Squats
  • Hold a Low Squat for 10 Seconds
  • Now Do 8 Jump Squats
  • Hold That Low Squat for 10 Seconds

Yes, you’re getting that sweet, sweet burn and you’ll be doing those jump squats all the way down to 1 rep and in between you’ll hold that low squat for 10 seconds each time.

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erin oprea knee pushups

Push-Ups on Knees

hand plank erin oprea

Hand Plank

Exercise 2: Push-Ups & Hand Planks

Modification: If you can’t do push-ups on your toes, do them on your knees.

Follow the same fun format as the jump squat game but do push-ups and plank instead!

  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 10-Second Hand Plank
  • 9 Push-Ups
  • 10-Second Hand Plank
  • 8 Push-Ups
  • 10-Second Hand Plank
  • 1 Push-Up
  • 10-Second Hand Plank

overhead triceps

Overhead Triceps 

floor dips

Floor Dips

Exercise 3: Overhead Tricep Extensions & Floor Dips

  • 10 Overhead Tricep Extensions on Your Knees
  • 10 Floor Dips
  • 9 Overhead Triceps
  • 10 Floor Dips
  • 8 Overhead Triceps
  • 10 Floor Dips

Continue completing overhead triceps all the way to 1!

curl erin oprea

Bicep Curl

curl hold erin oprea

Curl Hold

Exercise 4: Bicep Curls & Curl Holds

  • 10 Bicep Curls
  • 10-Second Curl Hold
  • 9 Bicep Curls
  • 10-Second Curl Hold

Keep repeating this countdown until you get to 1 bicep curl with a 10-second curl hold.

sit up claps erin oprea

Sit-Up Claps

Exercise 5: Sit-Up Claps

  • 15 Sit-Up Claps - Left Leg
  • 15 Sit-Up Claps - Right Leg
  • 15 Sit-Up Claps Under Both Legs as They Raise Together

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