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How This Trainer Went From Athlete To Gym Owner

Lively caught up with Emily Hutchins, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist & Corrective Exercise Specalist, Nike Master Trainer, VertiMax Master Trainer and owner of On Your Mark Coaching and Training, the Vital Performance February Gym of the Month about her journey from athlete to gym owner.

Lively: How did you get started in fitness?

Emily Hutchins: I’ve been in the fitness world for about 21 years. I grew up a three-sport athlete and played basketball in college. I’ve been heavily influenced by the coaches in my life and in college when I started working in a gym, I realized that I could be that coach for other people. So, I got into personal training. I started my career as a trainer at Crunch. About 14 years ago, I left Crunch to open On Your Mark.

L: What was it like to go from working at an established business to opening your own gym?

EH:It was honestly pretty scary, I didn’t have a business bone in my body. The opportunity kind of fell into our laps, and I was able to start On Your Mark. We learned as we went. My business partner left and now it’s just me. My advice to anyone would be to make sure you choose the right teammates to support the brand and concept to help with your success.

L: Tell us more about On Your Mark.

EH: We focus on high-level movement and try to provide a big league experience for anyone and everyone. We don’t separate by pro athlete or general population, I feel those people should be training together. We teach people how their bodies move. We offer small-group training, which include a variety of classes from strength to endurance to HIIT. We also offer personal training if someone is looking for a more tailored experience. 

L: What is your favorite thing about being a trainer?

EH: My favorite thing is having the ability to change people’s lives for the better. Whether it’s helping someone overcome a nagging injury or inspiring someone who has never stepped foot in a gym, I love helping people live a healthy life. 

L: As a female in fitness, do you feel there are any barriers you have to overcome?

EH: The world of sport has been pretty male-dominant, which also translates to what I do for a living. However, I’ve never experienced being in a room feeling intimidated amongst male colleagues. I’m fortunate enough to work with male colleagues who make each other better. I also make sure to surround myself with those who have the same vision and goals that I do.

L: What mantra gets you & your clients through a tough workout?

EH: The whole, pain is temporary (in a way). I tell my classes and clients a lot, the discomfort makes you feel alive, and we’re fortunate to be able to move.

L: What advice do you have for a first-time gym goer?

EH: Do your homework and research what type of workout or trainer sounds like a good fit for you goals. Most importantly, don’t attempt to get in shape prior to starting a trainer journey. The trainer is there to help you get started.

L: What are your favorite Vital Proteins® products?

EH: I’ve always been pretty simple athlete when it comes to products. The Vital Performance™ Vanilla Protein is always a go-to. I love to add to smoothie. And Vital Proteins® Collagen Peptides is a fan-favorite. 

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