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Try Courtney King's Heart-Pumping Couples Workout

Grab a partner and try fitness influencer Courtney King's killer workout! A commute to the gym isn’t needed – you can try these exercises from the comfort of your home. "Go through each exercise and repeat 2-3 times or as many as you would like!" King advises, adding to Lively: "You’ve earned that Valentine’s Day dinner and chocolate!"

courtney king

Courtney King's Couples Workout

Complete each exercise move 2-3 times.

Leg Raises

Lie on your back on the floor, placing your hands above your head to grab onto your partner’s ankles for support! They will stand above you while you do a lying leg raise on the floor by bringing your legs up and back down. Do this 20 times.

Wall Sits

Put both your backs against each other, keeping your legs in front of you at a 90° angle. Think: You’re sitting on a chair without the chair. Don’t put your hands on your legs – that’s cheating! Hold for at least one minute.

Plank Holds

Perform a plank with your partner, keeping your elbows on the ground and legs behind you. Keep your back flat and not dropped or elevated. For a variation of this exercise, drop to your knees. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute and keep your core tight with a relaxed neck.

Lunge Jumps

Starting in a lunge position, jump in the air and complete 10 on each leg.

Push-Up Claps

Start in a push-up position with your partner, facing each other. Perform a push-up together and when you’re at the top of the exercise, extend opposite hands and clap. If doing a push-up is a bit challenging, just stay in a plank on your hands and alternate going back and forth clapping hands. Remember to hold your core tight and strong to target your abs. Complete 10 push-up claps.

Pop Squats

In a squat position, do 15-20 (or as many as you can) bodyweight pop squats. Similar to a jump squat, pop squats start off in a wide stance and end in a narrow stance with each jump.

High Knees

Standing in front of your partner, do as many high knees as you can! Have them keep their hands out in front of your knees to make sure you’re getting high enough. Switch places and do the same for them.