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How Trainer Andrea Somer Overcomes a Workout Rut

Equinox trainer Andrea Somer isn’t always down to hit the gym. She may seem obsessed with lifting and squeezing in as many squats as possible on her Instagram, but the truth is far more relatable. Yes, Somer is passionate about inspiring others to lead a healthier lifestyle; but she’s also human and has experienced a workout rut (or two) just like the rest of us.

“Everyone loses motivation every now and then. I think the most important thing is to ask yourself: What is the reason behind this rut?” Somer tells Lively. “Be honest with yourself. I guarantee there will be an honest answer and what you need to do to change it.”

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So, how does the fitness trainer overcome a workout rut? Get inspired with her wise words below. We’re sure it’ll motivate you to take on that Pilates class you’ve been meaning to try.

andrea somer workout rut

Andrea Somer: How I Overcome a Workout Rut

“Maybe you need to try something new, need a workout friend or a trainer to hold you accountable, or you might not be getting enough sleep or eating right,” Somer shares. “Whatever the reason is, acknowledge it and then find a solution to the problem. Always keep focus on your goal and remind yourself why you started.”

 Photo: @andreasomer/Instagram

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