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Andrea Somer: The Workout Every Woman Should Do

From barre and Pilates to boot camp and cycling, there are a variety of workout classes available to fitness enthusiasts. But which one is your best fit? According to certified personal trainer Andrea Somer, who works at Equinox, it all comes down to improving your strength level.

“I recommend weight training in general for all women,” Somer tells Lively, citing a common misconception among women: “A lot of women are scared of using weights, thinking it will grow big muscles and make them bulky.”

Instead of heading over to the treadmill or taking a spin class, incorporate strength training at least two to three times a week. Not only will you see results in a few weeks but lifting also leads to a slew of benefits that may come in handy during future gym days. Muscle supports a healthy metabolism and gives you the ability to work out harder in your other favorite workouts. Staying consistent will inevitably get you better results.

“Strength training will benefit you in so many ways, both how you look and feel,” adds Somer. “I would say that your core strength is really important when it comes to posture, avoiding injury, and lower back discomfort.”

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