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5 Ways to Save Your Strands from Static This Season

Let’s be real: Dashing out the door (especially in the winter) with hairthat looks flawless can be a struggle. Try as we might, weather conditions can make hair care feel like an uphill battle — especially when static is involved. So, below, we address the cause of these woes so you can guarantee your best tresses yet this season.

What Causes Hair Static?

The culprit lies in wintry winds that carry a negative charge that counteracts with positively charged strands. When the two meet, these particles tend to clash and can leave hair looking disheveled. It doesn’t help that hair also tends to get drier during the winter because of a lack of moisture in the air (from things like indoor heaters), making it the perfect environment for static to set up shop. Plus, outerwear essentials, like your favorite beanie or scarf, can seriously dredge up lingering electricity.

So, to get your hair back into shape, we’ve rounded up static-fighting secret weapons that you won’t want to leave the house without this season.

Must-Haves In Your Bag To Prevent Hair Static

1. Dryer Sheets

Think outside the box (or laundry room) when it comes to hair care, and stock up your bag with dryer sheets. Besides being perfect for getting stubborn static out of your clothes, dryer sheets can just as easily be swiped over strands to help maintain sleekness and get rid of unwanted static flyaways. 

2. Hair Oil

If you notice that your hair tends to get a little lackluster in the afternoon, consider adding a hydrating product into the mix like coconut oil and carrying it around in a travel-sized bottle. Thanks to its multiple uses, coconut oil can both tame any loose flyaways and moisturize parched tresses, which is key in preventing hair from developing static. When picking out hair care staples to carry in your bag, it’s best to opt for products without stripping ingredients (like sulfates) since they can dry out your hair even more.

3. Ion Comb

Instead of fighting a losing battle with static by running a brush with regular bristles through your hair, try switching to an ion comb. Not only can it help detangle and distribute any products through strands for optimal shine, but it also has negative ions to balance out charges that are out of whack. Don’t forget to pass a dryer sheet over the tips of the comb beforehand for even more anti-static benefits!

4. Anti-static Hairspray

When all else fails, it means it’s time to bring in the big guns with IGK’s Defrizz and Anti-static Spray. Use it on damp hair before blow-drying or spritz it on for touch-ups. Thanks to its star ingredient panthenol (vitamin B5), it can help add much-needed hydration to stubborn hair during the colder months and makes it a better alternative to regular hairspray that tends to leave hair feeling dry and weighed down.

5. Silk Accessories

As helpful as hair ties can be, they may also be a culprit in causing static depending on the material. Velvet hair scrunchies may be on-trend, but they tend to ruffle up hair and lead to unwanted flyaways. Instead, opt for a sleek material that won’t add any additional texture and will help smooth things over, like a silk scrunchie. The best part is that unlike a regular elastic band, silk scrunchies won’t cause any bends in the hair or snag it making it the perfect essential to add to your bag this winter.

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