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The Skincare Products All Guys Should Be Using

By: Hannah Hartz

Hannah Hartz is a Chicago-based esthetician with 7 years’ experience. She currently works at CaTara Med Spa. Here, Hartz shares which skincare products guys need to be using.

Navigating the world of skincare can be a bumpy ride for anyone; but trying to navigate it when you’ve spent your whole life not knowing prioritizing skin care can be downright intimidating. So, for men who never thought they needed anything more than splashing your face with water in the morning, here’s a little “product must-have” roadmap to guide you through the wild unknown.

The Skincare Products Guys Should Be Using 

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Cleanliness is the name of the game if you want to keep your skin healthy! Cleansing your skin is essential both morning and night to make sure you help to remove oil, dirt and debris buildup, pollutants, dead skin cells and sweat, which accumulates in your skin over the course of the day and at night while you sleep. Water won’t quite cut it and regular soap can strip the skin of its necessary oils that are crucial to locking in hydration and locking out harmful irritants. A cleanser specifically designed for the skin on your face is a fundamental element of your daily routine.


Exfoliators are a total “must-have” and here’s why: Your skin is made up of several layers, starting at the very bottom layer with brand new fresh baby skin cells, which make their way growing up through the various layers until they eventually die and hang out at the topmost outer layer. In a perfect world, these dead cells would continually detach and flake away in a seamless and beautiful flow, making way for the new cells pop up and take their place. But, as we do not live in a perfect world and we don’t all have the most perfect skin, dead cells tend to build up, leaving skin flaky, dull and impaired. They need some assistance and your exfoliator is up to the task! So, whether you go with a scrub, an acid-based serum, or a retinol, get yourself an exfoliator and help those cells out a little.

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Reinforce and solidify your skin’s natural barrier function with a stellar hydrator. The barrier is responsible for all of your skin’s protection; it holds in hydration and nutrients and helps to keep the pollutants and other aggressors from penetrating and wreaking too much havoc. Despite its heroic job, the barrier is incredibly delicate. Pick out a nice, hydrating moisturizer to protect your barrier as it protects your skin! Feeding your skin from the inside is also a smart move. We recommend incorporating skin-saving hyaluronic acid, found in Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Glow, to your diet.  


Sun protection is essential for everyone. Every single person – no matter his/her age, skin type or tanning frequency – needs sun protection. UV rays from the sun cause exponentially increased risk of skin-related health issues and exponentially accelerated visible aging. Think: increased pore size, uneven skin coloration, uneven skin texture, lines, wrinkles and sagging. If you think you are immune because you never burn, you’re not. If you think you are immune because its cloudy outside, you’re not. If you think you are immune because you spend all day at the office, you’re not. Do yourself a favor and grab some SPF. Get a hat and some sunglasses while you’re at it, too! Your skin health is important.

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