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How To Make Your Nails Grow Faster: The Beauty Pros Share Their Secrets

Want longer, stronger nails? While there is no magical serum that will make them grow in an instant, there are a few things you can do to quicken the pace. This includes everything from prioritizing nail care (like you do your skincare) to massaging jojoba oil into your cuticles.

Here, all the expert-backed advice on how to make your nails grow faster – no fake nails or intense sacrifices required.

How can I make my nails grow faster in 5 minutes?

Aside from sticking onartificial nails, nothing will make your nails grow faster in five minutes. Instead, healthy nail care habits will foster growth over time.Take care of your nails and treat them well,” says Dasha Minina, serial entrepreneur and Owner of Maxus Nails and Beauticial List.

She believes that nail care is just as important as hair, skin and body health. “Do not use them as tools to open things, pick at them, or pick at your cuticles.”

Marcela Correa, a medical nail technician, recommends moisturizing your cuticles daily. Thankfully, this is a step that takes less than five minutes. “Using an oil like jojoba or even olive oil, which is rich in vitamin E, not only strengthens them to keep them from breaking, but they also promote faster nail growth.”

how to make nails grow faster

How do you make your nails grow overnight?

Learning how to give yourself an at-home mani is a skill that will serve you well – and one that answers the question: “How do you make your nails grow overnight?”

But this isn’t your nail salon’s mani. Instead, Correa recommends what’s called a"trimless" mani! “It entails cleaning out any dirt underneath your nails to ensure that there isn't any bacteria causing dirt or debris that might cause further damage to your healthy nail bed.”

She recommends following this up with a mini buffing session on dry nails: “Buffing stimulates blood circulation to the nail bed, which encourages the nails to grow faster.” (She loves this affordable mini buffer.)

Continue the pampering by massaging a moisturizing oil (jojoba or olive oil) into your cuticles. This routine leaves your nails fresh, polished and ready for growth.

How fast do nails grow in a week?

Fingernails and toenails grow at different rates, according to Dr. Anna H. Chacon, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist. “Fingernails tend to grow about 0.7 mm or about 0.03 inches per week,” she says, adding that toenails take about 2-3 times longer to grow.  

Losing or breaking a nail isn’t just annoying – it’s time-consuming. Board-certified podiatrist,Dr. William Spielfogel, DPM, the Chief of Podiatry in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Director of the Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program at Lenox Hill Hospital-Northwell Health, explains why to Lively. “If you lose a nail, it can take approximately six months for a fingernail to regrow and approximately 1 year for a toenail,” he shares.

how to make nails grow faster

How can I make my nails grow faster in an hour?

Making your nails grow faster in an hour is less about quick fixes and more about long-term care. “Good nail hygiene is the most important one,” says Ren Wu, Co-Founder of Maniology. “You want to make sure that you are keeping your nails clean and healthy by trimming them regularly and moisturizing them.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to nail hygiene. You also want to focus on what you’re eating. “Eating a healthy diet containing biotin, iron, magnesium, protein and vitamin C can help reduce breakage, allowing your nails to grow faster and much healthier,” says Wu.

how to make nails grow faster

Great news: Vital Proteins Beauty Boost™ nails it in this department as every serving is loaded with biotin, vitamin C and other beauty-loving ingredients. 

Correa also recommends upping your water intake since dehydrated nails are prone to cracking and splitting. They may also have a dull, discolored look to them.

But if time truly is of the essence, Correa says that you can buff your nails for a minimum of one minute. Now, they won’t be as long as Cardi B’s, but you will be promoting blood circulation to the nail beds. Finish this off with a cuticle and nail massage with a moisturizing oil!

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