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8 Picture-Perfect Holiday Makeup Looks To Try At Home

The holiday party circuit is looking vastly different this year. But even if most of your socializing might include clinking glasses virtually, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be having fun experimenting with your makeup look. We recently got in touch with a few seasoned makeup artists about beauty looks you can create in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading for their expert tips.

From Suzy Gerstein, NYC-Based Makeup Artist

Unexpected pops of color

If you're interested in trying something a little different this holiday season, how about playing around with fun, unexpected pops of color? Create a cat-eye with a cheery twist by using a liquid pen in a bright shade of Robin's-egg blue and applying an abstract yellow through the crease. Next, tightline your top lashes with a black pencil for contrast and definition. Finish with subtle bronze, dewy cheeks and a clear lip gloss to keep the attention on the statement eye.

holiday makeup looks

Festive holiday glow

Treat yourself to Westman Atelier's Le Box Holiday Edition to help create this beautiful holiday look. Apply the rosy cream highlighter — Super Loaded Tinted Highlight in Peau de Rosé — to the tops of cheekbones and warm up your complexion with Baby Cheeks Blush in Mimi — a rich, caramel nude multi-use cream that can be swiped across cheeks, eyelids and lips. Follow all that up with a touch of glassy, luminous skin courtesy of the Lit Up Stick in Nectar. Simply swipe over eyelids, down the bridge of the nose and over your Cupid's bow. Finish by combing up your eyebrows and adding several coats of glossy black mascara on well-curled lashes.

Romantic velvet matte red lips & windswept cheeks 

We believe that nothing quite says the holiday season — even if you're attending Zoom parties from your couch — like a red lip. To create this romantic look, Gerstein says to first apply a rich moisturizer and luminous, rose gold primer. Next, even out your complexion with a full-coverage concealer buffed on with a fluffy brush over well-moisturized skin. Apply a velvety matte lip color in a true red and pat the edges with a fingertip to soften. For the eyes, use a reddish brown or burgundy eye pencil to cast a shadow across lids and top with a bit of the luminizer used on skin for added dimension. Complete the look by sweeping a bright pink blush across cheeks to mimic a natural flush.

From Deanna Melluso, NYC-Based Makeup Artist

Whimsical, sparkly eyes

I love a sparkle eye wash and it's an incredibly easy DIY holiday look with the right product. I particularly love Bodyography Glitter Pigments — the colors are amazing and have a pearlescent finish. You can simply place your ring finger in the color and gently press or tap on your eyelid. Make sure to start from your eyelid and move up to the brow bone, building on the intensity of color as desired.

A twist on the classic cat-eye

Another one of my favorite looks is a bold and colorful cat-eye. My go-to tool for beautiful, long-lasting colors are all the Aqua XL Ink Eyeliners from Make Up For Ever. There are many ways to create a cat-eye, but I find the best tip is to look straight in the mirror and by looking at your bottom lash line you can see where your cat-eye should start lifting.

smokey cat eye

Amped up lashes 

Let's talk lashes! Either a full strip or individual lashes can help complete your holiday glam. My favorite fabulous and lush faux lashes are by Mari Shten.Take the lashes very gently out of the package by using a tweezer and dip in lash glue. After waiting a minute or two to let the glue settle, apply the lash or lashes as close to the lash line as possible. This is a simple, yet amazingly effective way to accentuate any of your holiday beauty looks!

From Kimberley Bosso, Beauty Expert & Makeup Creator

Classic smokey eye

Nothing speaks volumes quite like a smokey holiday eye. To get the sultry look, try Bosso's Vegan Eyeshadow palettes. The "Brigitte" palette has rich silver, brown, and black pigments that can be used to create ultimate dimension — place the black in a V shape on the outer corner of the eyes, silver on the lids, and brown in the crease. For a pop to the brow bone, add the cream color and voila — you're holiday ready! 

Added dimension from contouring

Who says staying in these days mean you still can’t have a little fun with slaying your contour? Get a little "extra" for virtual get-togethers and enhance that beautiful dimension in your face. Use this large foundation brush to apply lighter shade foundation to all the high points on your face and this smaller brush to create shade in the hollow of the cheeks, sides of nose, hairline and jawline for a winter sun-kissed glow.

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