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Youthful Appearance**
Collagen adds firmness and elasticity to skin. As your natural levels begin to deplete, you may start to notice signs of aging. That’s where we come in. Supplementing with collagen peptides is a great way to promote the youthful appearance of skin to help you look and feel your best.**^
More on collagen for hair, skin, and nails:
How does collagen promote a youthful appearance?

Collagen plays a major role in the hair health, nail strength and skin elasticity of everybody with a body. As we age, the body’s natural collagen production decreases. That fact, combined with a collagen-poor diet can contribute to signs of aging. This could mean fine lines, wrinkles and decreased skin hydration and elasticity. 

Adding a collagen supplement to your wellness routine, alongside a balanced diet,  can help our bodies regenerate what’s been lost.**^

How does collagen impact my hair, skin and nails?

When it comes to the skin, collagen helps keep it firm, plump, hydrated and supple. Collagen is a prevalent component of the dermis (the skin’s foundation), which is closely involved in keeping the skin elastic and flexible; and acts as the connective tissue that holds hair follicles in place.

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