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Active Lifestyle
Our collagen-rich tendons, ligaments, bones and connective tissue enable our bodies to get stronger. Collagen peptides can help support your active lifestyle by keeping your healthy bones and joints in optimal condition.**^
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How does collagen impact an active lifestyle?

Most people focus on building muscle when they hit the gym, but our collagen-rich tendons, ligaments, bones and connective tissue are actually what enables our bodies to get stronger. As we age, our body's natural collagen production becomes less efficient which can lead to a longer recovery time after workouts.

This is why we recommend introducing collagen peptides into a well-balanced diet and we’ve made that process as easy as possible with a variety of products including collagen protein bars, gummies and collagen creamers that can be easily added to your daily routine by mixing them into drinks like your morning coffee or afternoon tea or into your favorite foods.

How can I use collagen to support my active lifestyle?

Our variety of collagen products help promote collagen production which is a key to muscle and ligament health. After a great workout, it’s collagen that helps you build muscle mass and strength. Collagen helps you dig deeper into every little bit of movement.

Current research suggests consuming between 15-20g of collagen peptides per day (this equates to 3-4 tablespoons) helps give your body what it needs to support your fitness goals. A great way to integrate collagen into your workout supplement routine is to use Vital Performance™ Protein Powder with Collagen which combines lactose-free milk protein isolate with collagen peptides to deliver 25g of protein including 10g of collagen.

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