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    Liked it in my coffee!

    This was a nice treat in my coffee. SO MUCH better than the Vanilla. The vanilla flavor is like a completely different product. Although the name “creamer” is a little misleading as you need to put A LOT in to turn the color of your coffee. A really nice option however

    Jennifer V.
    United States


    I love Vital Proteins collagen creamer! I've been thru several canisters of the coconut and just tried the mocha for the first time, and really like that one too (bought it at Whole Foods). It makes my coffee frothy, almost like a latte. VP collagen creamer is an essential for me now! :-)

    Yvonne A.
    United States

    Coconut collagen creamer

    Fast shipping and as always delicious

    Rachel S.
    United States

    Exceeded my expectations

    Love this way more than I thought I would! Makes creamy, frothy lattes.

    Amanda K.
    United States

    Surprised that I love this

    I’m not much for adding anything abnormal to foods. From protein powders to sugar alternatives and more, nothing strikes my fancy. I’m lactose intolerant and love coffee. Finding a creamer that’s real and won’t cause stomach issues has been a challenge. I tried this in a sample packet and was plaeasantly surprised. The texture is what I love. I mix it with a small whisk into hot coffee. I don’t use the full two scoops. One scoop for 10 ounces and I’m happy! It’s not very sweet but the texture is smooth, creamy and velvety. Having nutrient density is a bonus! I now receive a shipment every two weeks.

    What are MCT's?

    MCT stands for ‘medium-chain triglycerides.’ Triglycerides are a type of molecule composed of glycerol, a neutral liquid, and fatty acids that have 6-12 carbon atoms. This number of carbon atoms is what distinguishes MCTs from LCTS, or long-chain fatty acids.

    MCT's have become very popular because they metabolize so easy in the liver, and makes them a hyper-efficient source of energy in comparison to other fats.

    The Benefits of MCTs

    So, you have a fat that’s easily metabolized and quickly converted to energy. This energy boost has numerous positive side effects, with many users reporting a mental clarity, along with more energy throughout their day. By incorporating this into a coffee creamer,  users can get a very healthy fat with a kick that adds to their caffeine. In addition, the body tends to burn more fat when MCTs are in this state, which has the added potential benefit of weight loss . This makes MCTs a fantastic component of a healthy diet.

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