By: Ava Johanna

Yoga teacher Ava Johanna took time out of her busy schedule, which includes hosting her podcast, The Alchemized Life, to serve as Lively’s inaugural Guest Editor this month. Here, she shares an effective yoga routine.

Yoga is my workout of choice. The sweat, post-yoga glow, and the subtle soreness that a Vinyasa class provides is high on my list of weekly non-negotiables – next to adding Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to my diet, of course. Besides the always appreciated opportunity to get my zen on, a consistent yoga practice also supports mobility of joints and muscles, as well as increased flexibility.

Similar to yoga, collagen helps strengthen the tendons, ligaments, and bones in our bodies. By pairing a daily collagen serving with your yoga practice, you’re giving the body that extra TLC it needs to recover faster, remain toned, and build elasticity. 

Whether you’re new to yoga or a long-time yogi, these 5 yoga moves will provide you additional strength and toning.

Tiger Pose

ava johanna

Tiger Pose is great for building abdominal strength and toning the shoulders. Start in a high plank and engage the core. Pull the knee in towards the nose and round through the spine. After holding for three breaths, lightly step the foot to the top of your mat.

High Crescent Lunge

ava johanna

This pose builds leg strength by targeting the bones, muscles, and ligaments in the lower body. Stack the knee above the ankle and lift the back heel above the ball of the foot. Inhale the palms overhead and keep a deep bend in the front knee. Square the hips by pulling the front hip towards the back of the mat and relax into the shoulders.

Crescent Lunge with Arms Extended Overhead

ava johanna

Building off of the first two poses, challenge yourself with a lower body and abdominal hold. Stay in high crescent lunge and firm through the core as you reach the fingertips forward. The torso will hover a few inches above the front thigh. Stay here and breath for three slow inhales and exhales.


ava johanna

Chaturanga is the ultimate pose for building strength while toning the upper body. From your crescent lunge, plant the palms to frame the front foot and step back to a high plank. Press the ground away from you as you shift forward an inch, then lower halfway keeping the elbows into the ribcage. Option to drop the knees for more support.

Cobra Pose

ava johanna

Start to work through the connective tissue in the shoulders and around the clavicles with cobra pose. Bring the tops of the feet onto the mat and lower the legs. Straighten through the arms as you open the chest towards the top of the mat. Shoulders will relax away from the ears and gaze can focus in front of you or towards the sky.

Pro tip: Finish your yoga practice by staying hydrated and sipping on Vital Proteins Collagen Water.