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by Sarah Schuh

At Vital Proteins, we're proud to have collagen products that comply with a Whole30® lifestyle, making it easy to support healthy hair, skin, nails, bones and joints as you go.** With this, we tapped experts (such as Whole30® founder, Melissa Hartwig Urban, herself!) on tips, best practices and more when it comes to sticking with the program. If you're curious about how it works, or if you're looking to make diet changes of your own, we encourage you to read on. Let's make this Your Best Year!

Whole30® Overview

If this is your first time doing Whole30® let these articles be your guide, from the foods you eat to sage advice you need to get started.

Whole30® Coaches' Recipes & Tips

Let's hear it for the coaches! These Whole30® pros know how to answer your most pressing questions. For topics on meal prepping, budgeting, snacking and more, take a look below.

First-Person Essays About Whole30®

It can be refreshing to get a real-life look at how the program works, all from people who have done it before. If you're curious to see how it went (the pros, cons and everything in between!) check out this section.

Whole30® Coach Alexis Jacinto's Guest Editor Spot

Last fall, Lively Guest Editor, Alexis Jacinto, took to our blog to give her take on Whole30®. Trust us when we say you're going to want to hear what she has to say to motivate your own journey. (Spoiler alert: It's inspiring!)

Ready to get started? Check here for Vital Proteins products that are Whole30® approved.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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