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The Case For Getting Up & Leaving Your Desk At This Very Moment

There is so much information about diet and exercise being the ultimate components of overall wellness. But there is a big factor that isn't being given enough credit: mobility. Mobility work is important for the human body. It's key for a better foundation and a better quality of life through mental and physical improvements.

Staying Mobile

With all of the sitting that the average American does each day — planted at a desk or staring at a computer screen, ample mobility is most likely lacking. The more one sits, the stiffer one becomes. If a person is not able to move a joint freely through the full range of motion, any attempt to pick up a weight or to try to exercise can be harmful to the body. Staying mobile and flexible helps increase blood flow and circulation that in turn can help keep your muscles and glutes healthy and strong.


A Strong Foundation

Emphasizing mobility enhances strength and muscle building capabilities in a multitude of different ways. Strength can’t exist without mobility, and vice versa. Each person is different from the next, and each person may have a different tightness or discomfort going on from the next person. Once tightness and/or weakness is addressed (through an appropriate assessment completed by an educated and certified fitness professional) followed by a proper warm up, cool down, and stabilization exercises can be incorporated depending on the individual. Adding a mobility program to an existing exercise routine will allow for temperature and fluid changes in the working tissues surrounding the muscle, which will help to increase the plasticity of the target areas.

Mental & Physical Strength

One of the many benefits of mobility work is that it can help to stimulate the body’s hormones to be in an ideal muscle-building state. Strength training and quick cardiovascular movements can enhance the muscle builders (growth hormone production), and if that is combined with mobility work then the body will be in an ideal hormonal state for both increasing strength and building muscle. And there’s another benefit: the more stress that is relieved from the body, the more the body can relax, and loosen up over time.

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