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Healthy Eating On the Go: How to Stay on Track While Traveling

By: Grace Gavilanes

Private chef Kristina Mellegard (@theyumproject on Instagram) is all about healthy eating on the go. In fact, she’s an expert at finding healthy eating options when she regularly travels for work. 

But despite being an avid traveler, the private chef knows it can be difficult to find better-for-you meals. Mellegard, who brought Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen Stick Packs on her most recent trip abroad, is realistic about those healthy eating expectations. “It is difficult to maintain healthy eating on the go,” she tells Lively. “I am still trying to figure this out myself! I’m very emotionally connected to eating, so being hungry, tired, or stressed from moving around can lead me to bad choices.” But, she tells us, there are other ways to remain on the healthy eating track.

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kristina mellegard

Healthy Eating On the Go: 3 Tips to Stay on Track

1. Drink Water

“Staying extremely hydrated is key, so drink tons of water,” recommends Mellegard.

2. Always Carry an Emergency Snack

“The day I fully bonded with my best friend was when we realized that we both always carry around ’emergency jerky’ in our purses!” she shares. “I’m big on that, which is sort of a funny option, but nuts, granola, or some fruit can take the edge off as well.”

3. Turn Every Meal into a Salad

“All you have to do is throw some greens under literally anything your eating and you’ve done something good for yourself,” adds Mellegard. “Every bite has a few greens but still maintains the flavors of what you actually want to eat. This is great for people who have negative feelings towards the whole concept of a salad for a meal.”

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