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Betina Gozo: How Meditation Helped Me Find Calm Amid Chaos

Betina Gozo is a Nike Master Trainer and Vital Proteins ambassador. Here, she writes about how mindfulness and meditation has helped her.

Being taken out of one’s daily routine can be tough on mental health. It takes some months — maybe even years  to be the most productive when it comes to daily habits, like going to work out, taking a shower, heading to work, going home, making dinner and going to bed (and doing it all over again)! So, when the government orders you to stay home and press pause on your normal everyday routine, it can be stressful, to say the least!

As someone who has never had a 9-5, and spent many years with the most inconsistent schedule, finding a routine and calm amid a chaotic life is a skill I take pride in. And I can largely credit this to meditation

The Power Of Meditation

I've moved from Chicago to Portland to Los Angeles and have traveled to countless countries and continents. I have always had a very active brain, and the first time I felt I was ever able to “control” my mind was when I made meditation a habit. I previously found myself very “reactive” and engulfed in storylines that I created in my head about situations. After only 10 days of incorporating mediations (I started with Headspace’s 10-day program), I noticed a sense of calm that I didn’t have before. After more research, I learned more about the science behind what mediation could do. Not only were there mentions of better sleep, stress reduction and lower blood pressure, but I also learned that through meditation, you could physically impact your brain health, too.  

The Impact of Meditation On My Personal Life

This was fascinating to me and, through journaling, I was able to observe the changes in my thoughts throughout the years. I noticed how much more consistent I was in my workouts, how productive I became in my work, how my relationships improved with my friends, family and partner. I was more patient, and less reactive. I also noticed the grace I was able to portray in hard situations that I don’t think I would have been able to handle prior to meditation. It helped me grow. 

Through the chaos, there have also been at least 2-3 days where I had nothing "scheduled," but I always found it was important to enjoy those moments and do something good for my soul, like play guitar or read. Meditation has helped me become more aware, so that helps me be more intentional with my time. If that meant “doing nothing” for a while, then I needed to do that. 

How To Bring The Calm To Your Own Life

Finding calm amid the chaos is as simple as it sounds. It means to find stillness. So I encourage you to take this time that you have to practice “slowing down” and being more intentional, letting yourself deal with feelings and learn how to sit with them versus trying to tackle them all. Trust me: Your brain and body will thank you.

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