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The Reviews Are In! What 18 People Are Saying About Our Wellness Gummies

Our Vital Proteins® Wellness Gummies are here to support your wellness goals with every bite. We recently shared the ways different people have added our gummies to their daily routines. And now we're revealing how real customers feel about these bite-sized wellness boosts. What do they taste like? Do they really work? We'll let them take it from here. 

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Keep reading for the full testimonials then head over to our collection page to start shielding your wellness. 

Collagen Gummies

"My skin has been much more resilient and healthier looking since I started taking these! I will be purchasing these again!**"

- thismomrighthere

"My hair has grown a little faster and my skin is so plump.**"

- pattydee

"I love these gummies. I am a snacker, so these are the perfect collagen-packed snack that keeps my sweet tooth in check!"

- michelek30

"Love that I'm getting collagen in a gummy that's also tasty!"

- vorteg

women's multi gummies

Women's Multi Gummies

"The gummies taste pretty good which make it easy to stick to the routine of taking my multivitamins daily!"

- drivero

"Really enjoy having a gummy rather than just a multivitamin pill. It contains all the nutrients I need in a tasty gummy."

- vorteg

"I feel so good and energetic after taking this.**"

- makeupbyqam

"I love these vitamins!! They cover all the vitamins I look for in a multivitamin, and they truly taste delicious!"

- madelyn b

beauty gummies

Beauty Gummies

"I like that they don't come coated in extra sugar like most gummies brands do."

- laurab479

"I have definitely noticed an increase in nail growth and strength.**"

- tiffanys226

"These are the best tasting gummies I've had."

- amorehighlights

"They taste great, and my hair and skin feel amazing!"

- cassandradac

Immune Support** Gummies

"Great taste and an easy way to get what I need to start my day."

- kerired

Sleep Gummies

"I just needed one gummy to allow me to have an amazing night’s sleep.**"

- bernie

"Tastes awesome and works! I sleep so much better with these wellness gummies.**"

- dee15

"I took two at night and within 10 minutes I was sleepy.**"

- lesrickards

apple cider vinegar gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

"I bought these Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies a couple weeks ago and I already love the changes I'm seeing. My energy is increasing, and I love the taste of them.**"

- jenny2020

"Excellent product that everyone must try! Great tasting."

- angie

"I highly recommend them! I take them daily and have shared them with my family as well."

- fashionista_lex

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