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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Collagen Drink

Looking to perfect your collagen routine? It's time to add these practices into the rotation. From picking the *right* product for you (yes, that's a thing!) to mixing your scoop of collagen powder without it clumping, to serving suggestions and keeping your product coming (on repeat!), you'll be on your way to enjoying your best sip yet. Scroll on to get the scoop and the full how-to. 

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5 Steps To Ensure Your Best Collagen Experience

1. Choose The Best Product For You

Before you go about randomly selecting a canister, consider the benefits you're hoping to gain from it. For example, if you love working out, maybe our Vital Performance™ line is your best bet. Not big on flavor? Opt for our OG Collagen Peptides, or, for pescatarians, we offer our Marine Collagen. Since the possibilities are endless, simplify your decision by taking our collagen quiz!

2. No Clumping Allowed: The Best Way To Mix Your Collagen

Speaking to our collagen powders specifically, we recommend a "best-mixing" practice. If blending in cold liquid, start with filling your glass 1/3 of the way with lukewarm water, adding a scoop or two of collagen, then topping it off with cold liquid and mixing for the best sipping experience. Using ice? Follow the same steps, adding ice before topping off your collagen drink with cold water.

For hot drinks, we simply suggest thoroughly stirring in the powder until it's fully dissolved. (Pro tip: Reach for a frother for a foamy top-off to your Collagen Latte™ supplement). Enjoy!

collagen smoothie mixes

3. Save More Time: How To Streamline Your Smoothie Routine

Take your day from bland to blend with our Collagen Smoothie Mixes, functional collagen-based smoothie powders that help energize your wellness routine and strengthen your immune system!** Just scoop, mix or blend with water & enjoy. (Yes, it really is that easy.)


raspberry pie

4. Serving Suggestions: Have Your (Collagen) and Eat It, Too

There are so many ways to incorporate collagen into your day! From adding collagen to your coffee to meals you can serve the family (loaded chicken and veggie casserole, anyone?) the options are endless. For a convenient source of inspo, check out our Lively blog or browse our collagen recipe section!

5. Keep It On Retainer (AKA Become a Subscriber!)

Put your collagen habit on auto-pilot. Subscribe and get your favorite products delivered to your door (at a frequency that works for you!) without even thinking about it. Bonus: You'll score sweet perks like free shipping, order discounts and exclusive content for signing up. Dreams do come true!

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