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Shut The Kale Up's Jeannette Ogden On Her New Vital Proteins® Collab, Collagen Routine & More

As one of our OG Vital Proteins® fans, Jeannette Ogden (@shutthekaleup on Instagram) has added our Collagen Peptides to her morning coffee for years. So, it made sense to enlist the wellness enthusiast to help us create our newest innovation: stick packs that combine premium, globally sourced crystallized coffee with collagen powder.

Enter: Vital Proteins x @shutthekaleup Crystallized Coffee + Collagen Peptides — a new way to brew that boasts 10g of Collagen Peptides, 100mg of caffeine from crystallized coffee, 0g of sugar and a comforting cardamom flavor. Plus, it's super convenient. All you have to do is pour and mix it into hot or cold water and enjoy as part of your daily wellness regimen! (Really, it's that easy.)

Lively caught up with Ogden to discuss this new collaboration, her collagen routine and how she stays connected to her Mexican culture when practicing wellness. Keep reading to learn more.

Our Interview With Jeannette Ogden

jeannette ogden

Lively: Congrats on the launch of Vital Proteins x @shutthekaleup Crystallized Coffee + Collagen Peptides! What makes you the most excited about it? 

Jeannette Ogden: I’m most excited to have people try this deliciousness. It's been a long time coming and I can't wait to bring a little bit of STKU into people's routines! I love to drink it in the morning after my breakfast. 

L: You’re a trailblazing Latina in the wellness space. How has being Latina and staying connected to your culture influenced the way you approach wellness?

JO: I’ve always looked at being a Latina in the wellness space as a step forward. I was used to seeing only white people in this space but I’m proud to be different. Being Mexican has given me confidence and flavor — something that the wellness space lacked in my opinion. I’m so proud to represent BIPOC and to be able to share my favorite childhood memories with the food my mom made us. Wellness isn’t for a certain group of people; it’s for everyone and anyone who wants it. 

L: We know your sons are still young – what are your top tips for other moms on encouraging healthy habits in the early years?

JO: Teach them young. With both boys, I've implemented real whole foods in their daily lifestyle. We all eat the same. I give them options daily. We shop together so they know where our food comes from and I teach them about how certain foods nourish our bodies. They follow along in our path but I encourage them to be their own person. I want them to learn about what they’re passionate about, so I'm giving them building blocks to establish good healthy daily routines. I don't just think about what they eat but also what they’re fed mentally. Mental health comes first, everything else follows.

L: What is something you wish people knew about you that they wouldn't pick up from a quick scan of your Instagram?

JO: I have a potty mouth, and am currently working on it as my boys are listening to every word, ha! 

L: You are so authentic in everything you do and we love that about you. What is your advice for others on being authentic in a world where everyone is trying to impress?

JO: Loving yourself wholeheartedly brings confidence that you just can’t fake. Pretending won’t get you anywhere because at the end of the day, it’s your energy that speaks volumes! 

L: Are there other VP collagen products in your pantry?

JO: Collagen Peptides has been my jam for years. It’s a staple and I add it to my coffee every single day. 

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