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1-Step Collagen Routines You'll Want To Get Behind

by grace gavilanes - April 06, 2021

Life can get crazy – especially when you're faced with unexpected changes, a packed work schedule and a determination to reach your wellness goals, among other things. All at the same time. (Wowza.)

Take a deep breath and hear us out: We get it, and we want nothing more than to support you, which is why we're presenting you with a handful of easy 1-step collagen routines. Why collagen? We believe our collagen supplements are the key to living a fuller, more vibrant life. The following picks help to boost your daily collagen intake with every bite and sip. That's all it takes.

Keep scrolling to find your new favorite way to #stayvital® in 1 step. 

collagen gummies

Collagen Gummies

Collagen, meet gummies. Shield your wellness with our convenient, grape-flavored Collagen Gummies. Enjoy a wellness boost in a bite while increasing your hair thickness**^^ and reducing fine lines & wrinkles.**^ Just take 4 gummies each day at any time, as part of your daily wellness regimen. 

^After 8 weeks of supplementation with Verisol® bioactive collagen

^^After 16 weeks of supplementation with Verisol® bioactive collagen

protein bars

Vital Performance™ Protein Bars

Meet the MVP of your daily routine: Vital Performance™ Protein Bars, a deliciously snackable, low-lactose bar complete with 20g of protein (including 10g of collagen). Plus, they’re gluten free and have no artificial flavors or colors. They come in three flavors: Vanilla Coconut, Salty Peanut and Chocolate Almond.

Collagen Bars™

Make every moment worth biting for with our Collagen Bars™. These gluten- and dairy-free snacks contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and boast 10g of collagen and 1-3g of sugar per serving. They come in six flavors: Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Lemon Vanilla, Raspberry Lemon & Mixed Berry. 

collagen waters

Collagen Waters™

Hit refresh on your routine with our Collagen Waters™! Available in six refreshing flavors – Lemon Slice, Lemon Ginger, Peach White Tea, Strawberry Lemon, Blueberry Mint & Blackberry Hibiscus – these collagen drinks boast 10g of collagen and 1-3g of sugar per serving – no artificial flavors or colors included. Just twist, sip & repeat. 

collagen shots

Collagen Shots™

Go ahead and give wellness a shot with our Collagen Shots™! Combining 7g of collagen peptides with functional ingredients, each one of our Collagen Shots™ – Sleep, Defense, Glow & Energy – help to boost your daily routine. Just sip & enjoy! 

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