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This Lavender Vanilla Latte Is Sippable Self-Care

Nothing beats a cozy morning on the couch – especially if it includes a fuzzy blanket, sheet mask and this Lavender Vanilla Latte!

If you love London Fogs, then you will absolutely adore this collagen latte. Serving as an ode to the warm-weather months we all crave, lavender boasts a relaxing herbal scent that’s perfectly captured in every sip.

Most people often associate lavender with candles, essential oils, bath bombs and lotions. But it’s so much more versatile than that. In powdered form, lavender can be used to bake with. Lavender cookies, anyone? Sounds like the perfect complement to our Lavender Vanilla Latte, which boasts two scoops of dairy-free Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer® in Vanilla ($29; shop now on

Keep scrolling to whip up your own cozy collagen latte.

lavender vanilla latte

Lavender Vanilla Latte

Yields 2-3 servings



  1. Grind the lavender buds into powder.
  2. Blend all ingredients on low. Increase the speed for more foam.
  3. Serve, sip & enjoy!

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