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Why You Should Consider a Work-Life Integration Mindset

By: Arena Ellis

For years we have been familiar with the term work-life balance – looking at work as one part of life and life outside of work as a completely separate entity. But the truth is our personal lives have an impact on how we show up for work each day. Gone are the days of leaving your work at the office and not bringing anything personal back with you as you walk back into work the next day. Ultimately, adopting this mindset can help lead to less stress and leave you feeling more fulfilled in both your work and personal life. So, what are you waiting for?

Here are some things to take into consideration when shifting to a work-life integration mindset:

Accept That Work Is a Part of Life

Work is a part of life. Whether it’s working full-time for a corporation, working full-time for yourself, or working multiple part-time jobs – it all requires work. With the mindset that work should always be separate from our personal lives, how can we ever be fully satisfied and stop living for the weekends? Acknowledging that work and your personal life are not separate, but intertwined, is the first step you can take to shift your mindset. Once this becomes an acknowledgement in your life, things just might start to flow better.  

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Balance Is Still Key

Just because we are incorporating the word integration – does not mean to forget about the word balance altogether. When it comes to anything in life, balance is key. Sometimes the scale tips one way more than the other, but it’s important to always find your way back. Here, vacation and time unplugging from work is still essential. We live in a world where our email is constantly accessible but truly turning on your “out of office” is important. Doing this will allow you to get back into your life and work routine, showing up for both aspects content and rejuvenated.

Stay Authentic to Your Lifestyle

The conversation on lifestyle and the importance of culture in the workplace is becoming more and more prevalent. Studies show that EQ (emotional intelligence) is just as important as IQ, and the trend with candidates in the workforce now is that they are looking for other factors than just what a job can pay. Organizations are well aware of this and are adopting practices such as flexible time or working remotely to accommodate their employees.  

Does your work allow for time off, encourage mindfulness, and other healthy habits? If the work that you are currently doing does not fit in with your lifestyle, what are steps you can take to make it a better fit? Making it a priority to stay authentic to you and your lifestyle can lead to meaningful engagement, higher morale and more productivity at your job.

Traditionally, we have been taught to find a job then build a life around that job. With that mindset, it can somewhat feel like we’re stuck in a trap until retirement. No wonder your case of the Sunday Scaries never seems to go away! With a work-life integration mindset, you have the opportunity to build your career around your life. Focusing on this mindset can help you show up as your best self in all aspects of your life – recognizing that it’s acceptable to place equal importance in both your career and personal life to live as authentically as possible.