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6 Fun Things To Do Outside, No Matter The Weather

There’s a reason kids play outside so much. There are just so many possibilities  just waiting to be explored. Whether it’s walking, running, going on a hike, or biking, you’ll never regret the chance to soak up the sun (and the vitamin D). Even as an adult, fun things are outside like farmers' markets, beaches, gorgeous trails, and festivals.

Ready to get off the couch? Here are fun things you can do outside rain or shine (and with or without kids)! 

things to do outside

What can you do every day outside?

If you were to search “how can I have fun outside?” the answers would most likely be tailored to things you can do in the summertime, like take a dip in a pool, have a picnic, go golfing and so on. But the weather doesn’t have to be warm and sunny for you to have fun outside. There are plenty of activities to enjoy year-round.  

Go on a walk

Craving some fresh air? Keep it simple with an energizing walk. “Going for a walk every day is a great way to get outside regularly! “ says Allie Edwards, a certified online health coach and personal fitness trainer. Don’t be afraid to mix things up.Take new routes, take note of the subtle changing of nature and the seasons or make it a nature scavenger hunt to keep the whole family engaged.” Got fitness goals to achieve? Try speed walking. 


The benefits for hiking are numerous: being in nature helps relieve stress and allows you to work out problems in your minds, and you’ll explore more of your area. “It doesn’t matter if you're climbing mountains or walking along a river; hiking is an excellent form of exercise and good for the whole family,” says Jody Braverman, NASM-CPT, NASM-FNS, RYT200, founder of PIXIBU Creative Apparel.

If you’re going with the kids, she recommends activities to make it more fun, like a scavenger hunt where the kids have to find certain objects along the way.

things to do outside


“Whether you’re a road cyclist, mountain biker or don’t even own a bike yet, making cycling a consistent habit is a great way to keep everyone active,” saysKate Meier, a certified personal trainer. Although biking in the winter is tougher, it’s doable as you avoid hazards in the road, like ice and snow, and stay warm by bundling up. 

You can tailor the route to your physical level by choosing different roads or trails. It’s also a great family-friendly activity. Just be sure everyone wears their helmets!

What are some family friendly outdoor activities?

Being outside with the kids doesn’t have to be like it is indoors (with them playinganother episode ofPaw Patrol). You can keep the outdoors a fun and neutral zone by choosing activities that everyone will love!

Explore parks 

“Some of my favorite family-friendly outdoor activities include things that both adults and kids love,” explains Allison Sizemore, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Online Coach. She and her family love to explore nearby parks, and make it a point to visit a new one every couple of days. To ensure that her 11-year-old doesn’t get bored, she’ll bring things like a volleyball for them to play with. 

Make a field day in your backyard

Bring the fun to your own backyard. Kids are already used to these fun events that evoke the competitive spirit, as many schools hold track and field days. “Fun field day games include relay, sack, and three-legged races,” says Braverman. “The egg and spoon race is always a fan favorite, as well as tug of war, balloon toss and the hula hoop ring toss.” 

But this doesn’t just have to be for the kids. Invite your friends over and set up an adult-sized obstacle course and you’ll be quickly transported back to your playground days.

Have a pool day 

A pool is another great option, one that will be a relief on a blistering hot day. The kids will be kept occupied in the water while you enjoy some R&R poolside. Be sure to bring along items like sunscreen, bug spray and extra towels. You might even want to bring along water toys for the kids to play with in the pool, such as a beach volleyball, frisbee or tossing rings.

Don’t have a pool nearby? Set up an inflatable pool in your outdoor space, bring and book and start relaxing. 

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