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How to Incorporate Collagen into Your Self-Care Routine

If you have big plans to incorporate more self-care into your routine, we've got the inspo to get you there. From simple morning activities to 5-minute practices in the evening, these easy ideas are worth noting. (And, of course, in true Vital Proteins fashion, all of them involve collagen!)

So if you're ready for your most blissful year yet, keep reading.

How To Incorporate Collagen Into Your Self-Care Routine

1. Start Your Morning With Lemon Ginger Collagen Water™

Meeting your daily hydration needs starts from the moment you wake up. But we understand that getting a full eight cups a day (plus or minus) is easier said than done. Enter this collagen-infused bottle. With 10g of collagen, 1g of sugar and a delightful lemon-ginger flavor, it's the best (and most delicious!) way to start your day to reach your daily intake. Pro tip: Stock 'em in your fridge and it'll be the first thing you reach for once getting out of bed.

2. Scoop Collagen Peptides Into Soothing Herbal Tea

There's nothing like a steaming cup of herbal tea to put mind, body and soul at ease. (Bonus if it goes hand-in-hand with a cozy blanket and good book!) Supplement your soothing cup of chamomile or rooibos with a scoop or two of Collagen Peptides to support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.** Since the formula is odorless and flavorless, you won't be able to tell the differences as you savor your cup! 

3. Fuel Your Exercise With Vital Performance™ PreWAVE

Whether you're hitting your apartment's communal Peloton, or you're going for a jog outdoors, sneaking in exercise is a great way to clear your head (especially after a stressful day). Next time, before you go out and get your blood pumping, consider adding Vital Performance™ PreWAVE, a first-of-its-kind support system for muscles and joints, to a glass of water. Formulated with caffeine from Coffeeberry® coffee fruit extract, it acts as an energy booster to keep you going strong** from minute one until the very end. (How about that for a new workout BFF?)

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4. Treat Yourself To Matcha Collagen

Wellness enthusiasts everywhere *love* this trendy green drink. Packed with finely-ground green tea leaves and L-theanine, it's the ultimate way to beat the mid-day crash. Our Matcha Collagen has those same benefits (with the added boost of collagen) to fuel your lifestyle. So the next time you need a "quick 5" from work, meetings or whatever else you've got going on, consider making one of these yummy five Matcha Collagen Recipes

5. Warm Up A Mug Of Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte™ Before Bed

Sleep is an essential part of your wellness routine. But sometimes "turning off" at the end of the evening isn't easy. Along with winding down to calming music, meditating or diffusing lavender into your room, we love the idea of whipping-up a snooze-inducing glass of Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte. The delicious, soul-soothing nighttime treat offers 10g of bone broth collagen as well as melatonin, GABA and magnesium. Take a sip and enjoy the sweetest dreams — you won't regret it!